Your Item has been Accepted at a USPS Facility [The Full Guide]

While expecting your package from USPS, you can receive tons of updates and one of the current ones is, “Your item has been accepted at a USPS facility.”

What does this status mean? Why is my package stuck in this update for several days? Read on for the finer details. 

What does “Your Item has been Accepted at a USPS Facility” Update Mean?

This status means that the shipper has taken a package to the initial post office and the United States Postal Service has accepted to carry on with the delivery to the recipient. When the package is accepted, you can be sure that it has started moving through the USPS Network. 

Why is my Package Stuck at the “Your Item has been Accepted at a USPS Facility” for Several Days?

Under most circumstances, a package will start moving shortly after USPS has accepted to deliver it.

However, I have lately had two scenarios where my package was stuck on the “accepted” tag for a whole week. 

After researching further, I found several reasons to have necessitated the delay. These include: 

Your item has been accepted at a USPS facility Meaning

Inclement weather conditions

There are times when the weather conditions are harsh, making it impossible for a package to start moving. 

Even worse, the weather might be inclement for several days and in the worst-case scenario, for a week or more. 

Since this is something beyond USPS’ control, the recipient needs to exercise a little patience before perfect weather comes up again. 

The safety of the couriers and the delivery vehicles matters, too, as much as we would love to promptly receive our valuables. 

So, while the origin postal office might have accepted to start the delivery journey for your package, the weather might change, and depending on how long it stays harsh, the package might get stuck at “item has been accepted” until everything stabilizes. 

Bad weather mostly makes a USPS package arrive later than expected by the recipient. 

Your package might have been misplaced

Depending on the volume of packages received in an origin USPS facility, it might happen that your package might be misplaced. 

While USPS does the best it can to keep packages safe, human errors are inevitable, and misplacing the package is bound to happen. 

At that point, since the shipper has handed over the package and it has gotten accepted, there is no other reasonable status USPS can use. 

The package might get stuck on “Your item has been accepted at a USPS facility” as they try their level best to look for it. If they see it and load it toward a sorting facility, that’s when the tracking page will change. 

We haven’t had an instance where a package was lost at the initial post office, so there is not much to worry about having your package getting stolen at these early stages. 

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Mechanical breakdown

Vehicles can break down and this could result in relatively long delays, depending on the damage. It’s even worse when the other vehicles and drivers are overwhelmed with deliveries, making sending a backup vehicle impossible. 

If the delay is a result of a minor mechanical breakdown, we expect it to be sorted out in a few hours or days and have your package start moving. 

In case of a major mechanical failure, USPS might have to free up one of the other vehicles to start sending the delayed packages to sorting facilities. 

Basically, if the package is stuck under “accepted at a USPS facility” as a result of mechanical failure, the time it’ll take for it to move again depends on the extent of the damage and how busy the other vehicles/drivers are. 

The Shipper used Media Mail

If the shipper uses Media Mail, a USPS special delivery service for non-time sensitive items including books, DVDs, and CDs, then the package might get stuck on that update for several days depending on the zones. 

From their website, USPS says the package might get delivered in anywhere between 2 and 8 days. And this is of course factoring in days where there are no delays whatsoever. 

Since Media Mail is the cheapest postal delivery service, it’s again the slowest and as such, you will need to conform with the shipper if they used this method. 

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The Tracking Page wasn’t Properly Updated

Some postal service staff may forget to update the tracking page, which may get you thinking that your package isn’t moving, while in the real sense, it’s fast approaching where you are. 

In fact, you may be shocked to find the tracking status jumping from “Your item has been accepted at a USPS facility” to “Delivered to an agent for final delivery,” where, you will indeed find that they have gotten the job done. 

When there is a delay as a result of improper tracking of the tracking page, the USPS staff are the ones responsible for the recipient’s inconvenience as it’s genuinely stressful when your package is stuck at the same update for several days. 

Overwhelming packages

When there is a surge in packages, especially during the Holiday season, there might be delays. 

Since USPS mostly processes packages in the order in which they reach their facilities, it’s understandable when a delay happens, especially when your package is among the last in the line. 

The situation gets worse when private carriers such as UPS cut off some of the USPS deliveries to focus on theirs. 

Yes, USPS will certainly accept packages in the local post offices regardless of whether they are overwhelmed or not, and the worst that can happen at this point is delays. 

You can expect the status to stay stuck on “accepted at USPS facility” for a day or more when USPS is overwhelmed with a large volume of goods. 

What to do When My Package is Stuck on “Accepted at a USPS Facility?

When the tracking page shows that “your item has been accepted at a USPS facility” and it gets stuck at this status for several days, we recommend that you ask the shipper if they used the Media Mail option. It is the slowest, meaning you will receive the package in up to 8 days when there are no delays. 

If the shipper used the other Mail Class options and you still have this update, contact USPS for them to look into what is going on with your package. Refer to this USPS Guide and you will learn more about their different Mail classes.