Why Is OnTrac So Bad? [Read This FIRST]

When I was on the lookout for trendy Jewelry, I settled on Temu to make my purchase. 

I settled on their Express Shipping option, which meant I was eligible to receive my package anywhere between 4 and 9 days. 

For this shipment, Temu used OnTrac to complete my delivery. I waited for the shipment until 14 business days were over, and that’s how I decided to contact OnTrac to know about the status of my valuable package. 

OnTrac reverted by saying that they had mistakenly shipped it to the wrong facility and that they would sort it out sooner.  After three more business days, I sent them an email and they didn’t respond to me. 

Upon calling the next business day, they never picked up my call. As of now, I have never heard back from them. I just had to reach out to Temu once more and ask for a full refund, having been utterly perplexed by OnTrac. 

What Makes OnTrac So Bad? 6 Real Reasons


A last-mile delivery company is as good as their response rates. 

As you have seen with my case up there, On Trac never bothered to respond to me when I reached out to them the second time. Not even when I called them. 

Seemingly, I wasn’t alone in that predicament, as more Package Corner readers let me know that OnTrac’s responsiveness is nada. 

Package Theft

It’s impossible for huge and expensive packages to just get lost on conveyor machines during tracking. 

In fact, when you visit the OnTrac subreddit, you will notice users saying that they usually receive small and inexpensive packages on time. 

But not when they await huge and expensive packages. What this means is that package theft is rampant among OnTrac. 

Delayed Delivery Date

When you look at the screenshot I have attached below, you will notice that OnTrac received the package on 08/15. 

Why is OnTrac So Bad

The same day, the tracking status shows, “Delayed. Delivery Date Updated.” What’s worse is that there is nowhere you can see the updated delivery date, and four days later, the status is still the same. Delayed.

If it were an issue to do with inclement weather, I could have understood as that’s beyond their control. But the weather was clear all day. The facility that received the package is also near where I am. 

Nothing justifies delays spanning to a full business week when my package is in my city. Again, customers can always understand that delays are bound to happen. But then that has to be communicated properly. 

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Late Deliveries

While this and the “delayed delivery date” we have mentioned above might sound like the same thing, there is a bit of difference. 

Now, when OnTrac successfully delivers packages, there are more complaints than compliments that they NEVER deliver at the scheduled delivery date. 

Basically, users can expect the items to get delivered a day or several later than what had been originally provided as the estimated delivery date. 

This shouldn’t be normalized, as other shipping companies such as USPS and UPS have made it their priority to deliver packages a day or even earlier than it’s estimated. 

Again, OnTrac is notorious for ignoring clients when they ask for updated delivery dates, but then end up showing up several days later and responding to the queries immediately when the delivery has been effected. 

Incorrect Tracking

It has happened to some of my friends that OnTrac said their packages were delivered while they were not. 

The point of confirmation was when they checked their front door cams and couldn’t find anything delivered that day. 

Funny enough, you only find these statuses on the LaserShip tracking page and not on OnTrac. While it’s understandable that LaserShip acquired OnTrac in 2021, it would be better UX (User Experience) when the tracking status showed directly on the relevant shipping company used. 

Due to incorrect tracking, OnTrac also tells recipients that they have included an incorrect address, which is actually not the case. 

From what I have gathered around, they do this as a measure of buying more time to add to a longer delivery time. It’s sadly unethical to blame the recipient for the wrong reason.

Beat Up Packages

Since OnTrac mostly uses independent contract drivers, most of them don’t care how they handle clients’ packages as there are really no stringent consequences for their inactions. 

The packages might reach the recipient with beat-up boxes, or when they have been opened and failed to be packed as expected. It’s worse when such packages are fragile and end up getting delivered when there are broken items. 

How Are OnTrac Reviews?

Independent review Companies such as TrustPilot and Yelp show that users rated OnTrac below 1.5 Stars, making it one of the worst last-mile package delivery companies.

Even when customers complain on these independent review sites, OnTrac never responds to maybe console the client that they are doing their level best to complete the deliveries. 

Why is OnTrac Still in Business? [3 Reasons]

In a perfect world, you expect companies such as OnTrac to be out of business especially now that they have failed to meet expectations for tens of years. 

However, these are the real reasons why OnTrac still exists:

Niched down operations

Initially, OnTrac used to serve the Western US, before they got acquired by LaserShip. With the merger, the operations became more niched down, making brands trust them even more to serve the clients near OnTrac’s areas of focus. 

Lowest Rates

Compared to most last-mile delivery companies, OnTrac offers the lowest fees to ship packages to clients. Brands out there are looking to spend the lowest to keep their operational costs lower, which is why the OnTrac offers are so irresistible to them.

Great Cooperation With Companies

When the companies that ship with OnTrac reach out to file disputes about packages that were not delivered, OnTrac has one of the most seamless cooperation mechanism to return the delayed packages or offer any relevant refunds. 

While OnTrac serves their clients well (the shippers that use them), they unfortunately don’t care much about the recipients, which is shocking. 

What Do I Do When OnTrac Doesn’t Deliver My Package?

Contact the Shipper

The Sender is OnTrac’s client and not you, which is why you see them ignoring most recipients. 

Contacting the shipper does several things for you: 

  • They can file a claim with OnTrac about your package that was not delivered 
  • You can ask for a replacement package if you never received the first one 
  • Ask for a full refund and shop somewhere else. It’s the role of the seller to ensure that you receive your package.

How Can I Avoid Using OnTrac?

Since OnTrac has not lived up to expectations about ensuring that recipients get their packages on time and in an intact manner, it would be best if you let the companies that use them know that they ought to use other shipping companies. 

Brands using OnTrac include Shein, Temu, and FragranceNet. These and many more should go back to UPS or other shipping companies that actually care and stick to them if epic delivery schedules are to be achieved.