Why Does Shein Use OnTrac? [Read This FIRST!]

While expecting your package from Shein, it wouldn’t be an over-expectation to look forward to receiving it within the estimated date. 

Sadly, Shein packages of late have come late so many times, which brings us to the question of the day, “Why does Shein use OnTrac?”

OnTrac has really been described by recipients to be so bad, and in a perfect world, you would anticipate that they shouldn’t have been in business by now. 

They are really the only last-mile package delivery company with an average rating of 1 sat among online users. 

So, why does Shein still use OnTrac despite the complaints from recipients? Is there anything I can do to avoid dealing with OnTrac? For these, and many more details, cozy in and get started. 

3 Reasons Why Shein Uses OnTrac

Affordable Shipping Rates

OnTrac is one of the last-mile package delivery companies with the most affordable shipping rates

One of the leading reasons why Shein still sticks with OnTrac is that they are cheap, making economic sense to them. 

Sadly, what Shein has to notice is that these savings don’t make much sense to the recipient when they have to stay worried about their packages. 

As a recipient who used to get multiple packages before, I didn’t have any issues when Shein used DHL or UPS to deliver my packages. These days, it’s a different case altogether.  

I get that you get what you pay for and it would be best if Shein went back to the other shipping partners they used before. It’s better to pay a couple more bucks, but end up receiving your package within the estimated delivery time. 

Epic Cooperation

One of the reasons why retailers find it easy to work with OnTrac is that OnTrac cooperates so well with brands whenever there is any complaint or issue. 

When a shipper such as Shein contacts OnTrac and tells them that the recipient didn’t get their package, OnTrac provides a very short ToT and ensures that they provide a proper solution. This kind of cooperation with the sender is one of the reasons why OnTrac is still in the business. 

Sadly, this is the exact opposite when OnTrac has to deal with the recipient. Recipients are only lucky when they receive any response from OnTrac, and these responses are mostly vague and robotic. Most of the time, OnTrac just sends back the recipient to work with the shipper about their unavailable package.

Geographical Focus

Since OnTrac mostly operates in the Western US (36 States and Washington DC), Shein finds it more convenient to work with them to deliver packages to their customers who are in those states. 

Shein assumes that OnTrac might have a better understanding of local logistics, routes, and customer needs in the areas it serves, making them feel like they are the best choice to use. 

2 Common Customer Complaints When Shein Uses OnTrac

When Shein uses OnTrac to complete the deliveries, there are many common complaints that we should see. If you have these problems right now, don’t worry as you aren’t alone. 

Confusing Tracking Details

Many recipients have reported that once they bought packages from Shein, Shein’s tracking showed that they had shipped them. 

After a short while, the package status shows that it is “in transit” or “arrived at local facility”. Upon checking the OnTrac tracking page, the package status shows, “The package data was sent to OnTrac, but we have yet to receive the package from the sender. Please contact the sender for more information.”

While packages that show these details end up getting delivered within the estimated date, the tracking statuses are confusing to the recipient. 

Delivery to The Wrong Address

Many Shein recipients have also reported that OnTrac claimed to have delivered their packages, but they didn’t find them. 

Upon further checking, they ended up finding that those packages were delivered to the wrong addresses, and this just goes to show that OnTrac’s tracking is mostly a mess. 

What Do I Do As I Place My Order On Shein?

Since OnTrac doesn’t seem to rectify its issues, it would be best if you avoided them at all costs. 

If you plan to buy anything from Shein, we recommend that you ask them not to use OnTrac as the last-mile shipping company. 

If you had instead bought something from Shein and they used OnTrac, and it’s not delivered or the tracking status doesn’t make any sense, we recommend that you ask them for a replacement package or a refund and shop elsewhere. 


  • Despite the numerous complaints, Shein still uses OnTrac because they are affordable, they are strategically positioned and OnTrac cooperates well with them
  • The tracking details of your Shein package could be confusing and also, OnTrac is known for delivering packages to the wrong addresses
  • Before you shop on Shein, ensure that you ask them to use another shipping company to deliver your package.