Why Does OnTrac Say Pending? [Read This FIRST]

Some huge retailers have made OnTrac their primary shipping partner, against the wishes of most recipients.

Despite numerous complaints about OnTrac, it seems that they have stood their ground to keep OnTrac in business, and sadly, as recipients, there is nothing much we can do about it. 

When I ordered the only remaining perfume atomizer from FragranceNet, they assured me that my shipment would be with me in at most 5 business days. 

The tracking page directed me to OnTrac, and this was my first time getting anything delivered by them. 

After 5 business days, the OnTrac tracking page only showed “Pending”. 8 days later, the same status. 

I began my journey of wanting to know what that update meant as it was just too vague to know. 

What Does “Expected Delivery Date Pending” Mean on OnTrac Tracking?

This tracking status means that due to an unavoidable circumstance from OnTrac’s side, the estimated delivery date has been changed and they will do what they can to make your shipment get to you. 

Sadly, OnTrac says under the “About This Tracking Event” that “The Package Data was sent to OnTrac, but we have yet to receive the package from the sender. Please contact the sender for more information.”

This tracking event is undoubtedly misleading and tends to confuse the recipient further to think that the shipper hadn’t sent their package to OnTrac just yet. 

We wish to let you know that once you see the OnTrac “Pending” update, the shipper has already sent your package to OnTrac for last-mile deliveries.

The 5 Real Reasons Why Your OnTrac Package Is Pending


When you search for employee satisfaction among those who have worked for OnTrac, you will realize that most former employees complain about the working conditions.

As of the time of writing this article, those who worked on OnTrac have provided an average rating of 2.8 stars on Indeed.

This rating is undeniably low for a company meant to be an equal-opportunity employer. 

Most of the former employees out there confess that they had to quit their jobs a couple of weeks after working on OnTrac. 

Sadly, the more employees leave their jobs while working for a Last-mile delivery company such as OnTrac, the more package backlogs are experienced, leading to delayed deliveries. 

The reason why your package status would show pending when it was already handed over to OnTrac could be as a result of backlogs due to a little number of staff to work on it. 

Lost Package 

Package losses happen all the time, especially with OnTrac. 

In moments when they have no sufficient employees to work on items, they contract independent drivers to make the final deliveries.

Since there are no stringent consequences for such drivers, it happens a lot that packages get lost while in transit. 

In fact, most complaints on the OnTrac subreddit show that whenever you are expecting a small package, they complete the delivery on time. It’s a different case when you order valuable and huge packages. 

Those have the least chance of showing up, and it’s not uncommon to find them opened when they eventually get delivered. 

From what I have gathered around, OnTrac keeps the tracking status as “Pending” when they know that it’s lost or they use independent contractors for final deliveries. 

Incorrect Tracking

Tom, one of the recipients who got their package from OnTrac wrote on Social that his package which had its status as “Expected Delivery Date Pending” showed up two days later than expected. 

Funny enough, the package status remained on “Pending” for 5 more days before getting updated to “Delivered.”

In such a scenario, it’s obviously an issue to do with incorrect tracking. While it’s understandable that incorrect or missed scans are inevitable sometimes, it would be best if OnTrac provided a better UX and let recipients know sooner that there was misscanning. 

Package Delivery companies such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx have had instances of misscanning before, and they handled it better. 

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather is beyond OnTrac’s control, and we undoubtedly get that. 

However, there should be a clearer update on when deliveries are delayed due to issues with bad weather. 

A good point of reference they can refer to is when FedEx says there is a Shipment Exception Weather Delay. With such a clear status update, you can know that there is a delay due to something beyond their control.


Unhappy employees usually fight back through strikes, and OnTrac isn’t any exception. 

When there is no staff to address recipients’ deliveries, my research shows that the OnTrac tracking page automatically switches to “Pending”. 

Whenever recipients use the Live Chat option, they only get told that OnTrac hasn’t received the package just yet to avoid more questions. 

Anytime the working conditions become unfavorable, rest assured that the tracking status for your package will always show “Pending” due to worker strikes. 

What Do I Do When My OnTrac Package Status Says Pending For Days?

Just so you know, there is no average number of days when OnTrac shows your tracking status as pending. 

It could take 3 business days after seeing the status as “Expected Delivery Date Pending,” or it could take infinity when the reason for that update was package loss. 

Since there may be or maybe no hope about your package ever showing up after the “Pending” update, we recommend that you liaise with the sender to file a claim with OnTrac or offer a refund to you. 

Does Calling OnTrac Solve Anything?

In our other article about why OnTrac is so bad, we talked about non-responsiveness as one of the leading reasons why they should be avoided. 

Now, when you try to contact them to ask about your pending package, you will be lucky to have any response from them. 

It’s not unusual for them to ignore your calls or emails, and when they get back to you in this case, rest assured that they will tell you that your OnTrac package is pending because they haven’t received it just yet. 

What you can do instead is to call the shipper. You are the shipper’s client, and full satisfaction can only happen when you receive your item in a timely manner. 

The sender has to take it up with OnTrac, as they are their customer. Fortunately, OnTrac is so fast to handle complaints from the senders, but sadly not easy to work with package recipients. 

What Do I Do To Avoid The “Pending” Status Ever Occurring?

Since there are tons of complaints about OnTrac not delivering packages on time or at all, it would be best to avoid them. 

As you make that online purchase, be sure to let the retailer know that you need an OnTrac alternative to complete the delivery to you. 

This is especially helpful when you shop on Shein, Walmart, Temu, or FragranceNet. They seem to have contracted OnTrac as their last-mile delivery partner.