What Does “Scanned Into Sack/Container” Mean? [DHL]

While using DHL eCommerce, one of the most common tracking statuses we see is, “Scanned into sack/container.” 

What does that even mean? Why is my package stuck on this update for several days? Is there anything you could do about it? 

For these, and many more details, cozy in as we get started.

What Does The DHL “Scanned Into Sack/Container” Tracking Status Mean?

When DHL says that a package was scanned into sack/container, it means that that parcel is already in the container that it will fly in to your region or country. 

This DHL eCommerce tracking status is applicable for international packages mostly going from the US, or domestic packages in distant regions. 

Why Is My Package Stuck On This Status For Days?

DHL Used The eCommerce Shipping Method For Your Package

The eCommerce shipping option is one of the slowest methods, and packages shipped using it take longer to get processed. 

Unlike the Express Option where you can expect to get updates within an average of 2 days, we have seen packages not receiving any new scans for weeks whenever DHL settled on the eCommerce option. 

The Package Was Handed Over To Your Local Post Office

DHL rarely scans packages when they reach the destination countries. 

Instead, they silently hand over such packages to the local post offices, which do the last-mile deliveries. 

We have had incidents where packages ended up getting delivered by the local posties without any tracking updates after “Scanned into sack/container.”

If yours was an international package and you don’t see any tracking status for days or weeks, don’t worry too much. Such a package might be nearer to your delivery address than you can think. 

The only problem at this point is that DHL never gives a way to know the exact status of such a package, especially when it has gotten to your region or country. 

Using free third-party tracking services (which we will talk about later on) is ideal to know the right status of your package. 

Delays In Getting The Package Loaded Into A Plane

Sometimes, packages don’t get loaded into planes shortly after they were scanned to have been inside a sack/container. 

Some of the reasons explaining this situation include: 

  • Flight Shortages

Depending on the number of available planes, it could be that there aren’t enough coming to your region or country. 

In such a scenario, DHL has to wait until there is an available plane to load the sack containing your package inside. 

It could take longer than a week until there is an available plane, which could explain the reason why you aren’t getting any updates on your tracking page. 

  • Backlogs

When there are high volumes of packages in the queue before yours, it might take longer before the DHL staff gets to your container and loads it on a plane. 

Under most circumstances, backlogs happen during peak shopping times such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Holiday seasons. Backed-up facilities on such days are also normal. 

The problem is even worse when your package falls under the eCommerce shipping option as it will be among the least-prioritized ones. It can take even up to a month for a package that was kept aside due to backlogs to be loaded on a flight. 

  • Inclement Weather

Bad weather conditions such as severe thunderstorms, heavy rains, ice storms, and hurricanes are some of the leading reasons why packages can’t get loaded onto a plane shortly after getting scanned.

See, the safety of the staff and packages has to be upheld in as much as prompt delivery needs to happen. 

DHL rarely updates recipients when weather delays lead to them not loading packages on cargo planes. Instead, you will only receive an update when they tell you that they are preparing the package for air transport.

The Package Hasn’t Been Individually Scanned Yet

Whenever you see any status on the tracking page, it’s as a result of the package having gotten a scan.

Until the package gets to your region or country, it won’t get scanned individually, which explains one of the main reasons why there is nothing new to see on the tracking page. 

So, if the package is on the way or sitting at the origin country’s departure transport hub, there won’t be any relevant scan. The sack or container has to be opened first, your package gets scanned individually, and then get an update. 

What Do I Do When My Package Is Stuck On, “Scanned Into Sack/Container?”

Use A Third-party Tracking Service

From our experience, DHL doesn’t update the recipient whenever a package makes all the slightest movements. 

This means packages can jump from a tracking status in another country to getting delivered without any updates in between. 

While the final delivery will have been achieved, it’s somewhat inconveniencing to some anxious recipients who keep on checking the tracking page every other day. 

As such, we usually recommend to our readers to use free package-tracking sites such as 17Track and ParcelsApp to know the right statuses of their packages. 

To do so, just paste the DHL’s tracking number on the prompt provided by these tracking sites and you will see the right status of your package. 

For instance, if DHL has already handed over your package to the local last-mile delivery company in your country, you will be in a position to know when you can expect your delivery by pasting your tracking number there. 

Contact The Sender

You can also contact the sender when your package takes longer than the estimated delivery.

From there, they can follow up with DHL, and where applicable, you will have to get a replacement package or a refund. 

As the recipient, we don’t recommend that you contact DHL to get the status of your package. The chances of getting any assistance are minute as you aren’t contracted to them. 

What Is The Difference Between The “Scanned Into Sack/Container” and “Close Bag” DHL Updates?

When DHL says “Close Bag,” they mean that they have kept many smaller packages in a larger bag for easier transportation, and they have closed it as it is already full. You can refer to our blog post on “Close Bag” for the finest details. 

Conversely, the “Scanned Into Sack/Container” update refers to your package being inside a sack or container that will be loaded onto a plane. 

A package that has already received the “Close Bag” scan can also receive the “Scanned Into Sack/Container” scan if it’s loaded inside a sac or container before further getting loaded onto a plane.