UPS Estimated Delivery Delay: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most recent updates we see on the UPS tracking page is “Delay,” and then “The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible.”

This has happened severally for our packages, where, a parcel is stuck on a UPS facility, the estimated delivery date passes, it gets changed, and then UPS now says there is a shipment delay. 

Now that you are here, it could be that you are going through this dreaded UPS estimated delivery delay update.

What does it mean? How many more days will it take for you to receive your package after this update? Read on for the finer details. 

What Does the UPS “Estimated Delivery Delay” Status Mean?

The UPS Estimated Delivery Delay update means that UPS will deliver a package later than the estimated date, usually two business days after the estimated delivery date.

UPS Estimated Delivery Delay

4 Reasons Why A UPS Package Delays Past The Estimated Date

The Package Was Lost

Packages get lost in transit all the time and when UPS tells you that yours is delayed, they may be buying more time to look for it before they conclude to let you know that it was indeed lost. 

One of the reasons why a package might be lost especially for smaller-sized items is when they slip on the conveyor unit and miss getting scanned further. 

In fact, when most recipients complain that their packages are stuck on the “picked” status, it has always been an issue of getting lost on the original facilities. 

Unless the package was stolen, UPS usually finds a package they had lost and delivers it to the recipient, albeit late. 

The next time you see “Delay” and then accompanied with The Delivery Date Will Be Provided As Soon As Possible, don’t worry too much, the package might be coming your way the next business day or two. 

The Package was Missorted

Yes, it’s possible for packages to get missorted and end up in the wrong delivery trucks. 

Unfortunately for such packages, they might be loaded onto trucks heading to distant places. It’s even worse for packages that will be unloaded the last from the container as it will take longer for the error to be noted. 

Such missorted packages will have to go through the correct sorting when they get unloaded from the truck and then sent back to the right facility for getting redirected to the recipient’s address.

That can take a couple of days in-between to happen and even more when the mis-scanning happening near a weekend or a public holiday. 

A missorting is the leading reason why a package status might be “out for delivery,” and then in a while be turned to “On the way – ⚠️ Delay.”

Inclement Weather

Bad weather such as severe storms could be the reason why your package is delayed past the delivery date. 

Since it might not be coming from your local UPS facility just yet, you can’t really judge how clear the weather is, from just where you are. 

Basically, if your item gets delayed, be sure to search for the weather conditions at where the package is stuck and see if the weather is the reason for the delay. 

No Ifs, Ands, or Buts here, UPS has to do better at its tracking. As the recipients, we need to know whatever reason is causing our packages to get delayed. 

Customs Delay

If yours was an import and the Shipment Progress on the tracking page is stuck on “Import Scan,” chances are that your package is still undergoing the customs process. 

It has happened a lot where a package can go past the scheduled delivery date while still sitting in the customs office. 

Customs delays could be due to backlogs, especially during the holiday seasons, and understaffing depending on the station. 

It’s crucial for you to note that unless a package is processed and cleared by the customs offices, it never gets scanned again until it gets to UPS. The UPS Service Alerts page contains info whenever there is a delay.

What Do I Do If The UPS Estimated Delivery Shows Delayed?

Contact the Shipper

From the moments we have had to contact UPS, we noticed that they prioritize it more when the shipper contacts them. 

Letting your shipper know that your package is delayed past the estimated delivery will make them file a claim with UPS. If yours were a case to do with an online purchase, they could issue you a refund or send a replacement package with the hope that it gets to you within a reasonable timeframe. 

If it was an online purchase that you had made with your credit card and the shipper doesn’t seem to cooperate with you to help you get a solution, then you can request a chargeback. 

Remember that in this instance, you are the shipper’s client and not UPS. So, they are responsible for ensuring you get your purchase as you had agreed with them, even if they will have to work in unison with UPS.

Call UPS

If yours was a time-sensitive package or you prefer not to get in touch with the sender, calling UPS via 1 (800) 742-5877 and with your tracking number will help you get an update about the status of your package. 

If it was an issue to do with a lost package, UPS might prompt you to make a refund request. 

Sign Up for the UPS “My Choice Account”

Unlike several months ago when UPS used to provide detailed tracking info on their site, they nowadays provide just basic tracking info. 

Currently, you can use their free My Choice Account to get detailed information about the tracking status of your package. For this one, you will have to be logged in for you to use it. 

When Does a Delayed Package Come?

Unless a package was stolen, we found that it takes an average of two business days from when it said “estimated delivery delay” to reach the provided address.

On some occasions, though, a few recipients state that it has taken up to 10 business days to receive their items.

Basically, the number of days past the UPS estimated delivery date delay update it takes to receive your package depends on the cause of the delay.

Again, the tracking page rarely gets updated and your package might show up without any further details.