The Shipment Has Been Processed in the Parcel Center of Origin Meaning [DHL]

As a regular DHL user, I have more often than not seen, “The Shipment Has Been Processed In The Parcel Center Of Origin” when expecting a package from Germany.

So, exactly does DHL mean when they say so? Is there anything special I can do to make my package move faster than it’s currently going? Let’s see.

What Does the Shipment Has Been Processed in the Parcel Center Mean?

This DHL update means that a package has been sorted and processed in the shipper’s country, and it’s now ready to be loaded into a flight for an international journey toward the recipient.

If there are available flights, the status moves in a matter of hours. It’s a different thing altogether when there are no ready flights and delays spanning more than a business week have been reported.

Why Is My Package Stuck On, “The International Shipment has been Processed in the Export Parcel Center?” 5 Key Reasons

the international shipment has been processed in the export parcel center

The Package Is On the Way to Frankfurt Airport

Depending on how far the DHL parcel center is, it might take up to a week for the processed and sorted item to reach Frankfurt Airport.

“Why Frankfurt Airport?” You might be asking yourself. Well, the Frankfurt Airport acts as DHL’s central hub for sending out international packages.

Basically, when your package has been processed at DHL’s parcel centers such as Berlin, Dorsten, Rudersdorf, or Rodgau, it has to go all the way to Frankfurt to catch a flight toward your destination.

Logistical issues might happen, leading to delays from such processed packages to Frankfurt, and in all that, your package status will be, “The international shipment has been processed in the export parcel center.”

Sadly, DHL doesn’t have a tracking status to show that the package is moving from the parcel center to the central hub.

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Inclement Weather

Since yours is an international shipment, inclement weather can have a huge toll on air transport, making it impossible for airplanes to fly.

When facing issues due to inclement weather, your package status might stay stuck on “the international shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin” until it’s clear again.

After the flight departs, it’s when your package status will move again.


Backlogs happen all the time at the DHL Central Hub for international shipments in Germany. By the time the staff loads your package onto the plane, it might have taken several days of delays. In such moments, you can undoubtedly expect that the status page won’t have any change.

It’s even worse when there is a shortage of flights, the packages to be transported are voluminous, and yours is among the last in the line.

The situation gets more daunting near the Holiday season, which is why we always recommend that you get your holiday shipments earlier in advance to avoid delays at moments when they are the most nerve-wracking.

Missed Scan

Yes, it happens a lot that your package has actually moved, but due to a missed scan, its status stays stuck on, “the shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin.”

In such common occurrences, the packages end up reaching faster than when the delays were actually due to logistical issues such as inclement weather, backlogs, or shortage of flights.

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While your package might have been properly processed in the DHL parcel center, there might be a holiday or several in the next business day.

When it’s past operational hours, those packages that have been processed will be locked in the parcel center until the next days when operations resume after the holiday(s).

Don’t get shocked when you see this tracking status on 30th December and it stays stuck right there until the second of January.

While the real Holiday there is on 1st January, DHL staff might break for that holiday at the end of business day on 30th. The delay will go on further if the date 1st was on Friday.

When the operations resume, it might take several days for the package to move once more depending on the available vehicles to take it to the airport, the volume of the packages, and how far yours was in the queue.

How Long Does It Take for A Package That is Stuck On, “The international shipment has been processed in the export parcel center” to Move?

It takes anywhere between 2 hours to a business month for packages stuck on this update to start moving.

Under most circumstances, the reason for the delay plays the most critical role in how long it takes for the package status to move.

Issues to do with backlogs at the central hub play the hugest role for delays spanning in up to several weeks.

What Do I Do When My Package is Stuck On, “The shipment has been processed in the parcel center?”

Contact The Shipper

Since you are the shipper’s client and they are DHL’s client, it’s their responsibility to ensure that DHL makes the final delivery to you.

In light of that scenario, we recommend that you notify them whenever you experience this shipping delay for them to file a claim on your behalf.

As I have noticed with DHL and many more parcel delivery companies, they prioritize it more when the shipper gets in touch with them to ask for a specific package status. For recipients, you will be lucky to get any concrete response about your package status.

Track Your Package Using Other Pages

Service providers such as Parcelsapp and Anpost are connected to DHL’s systems and offer more refined tracking statuses for DHL packages.

While the actual DHL tracking page might be stuck on, “the shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin,” the third-party tracking service providers might show you exactly where your package is.

This is especially helpful for those whose packages had been stuck on that update due to a misscanning, helping you reduce your anxiety.