The Delivery Was Refused Or Requested To Be Returned [OnTrac]

As you expect your package from OnTrac, it’s possible to see the tracking status showing “The delivery was refused or requested to be returned”. 

The problem with this status is that you could have been home the whole day awaiting the package and didn’t refuse the delivery or request it to be returned. Even worse, you didn’t see any OnTrac driver at your preferred delivery point. 

So, what does this update mean? Is there any chance of you ever receiving the package? Read on for the finest details. 

What Does “The Delivery Was Refused Or Requested To Be Returned” OnTrac Update Mean?

This tracking status means that OnTrac delivered a package to a recipient, but they refused it or asked for it to be returned to the shipper.

While in a perfect world, you would expect that status to go by the meaning, it’s unfortunately not when it comes to OnTrac. This sends us to another interesting sub-topic below. 

Reasons Why My OnTrac Package Status Shows “The Delivery Was Refused Or Requested To Be Returned”

The Package Was Delivered To The Wrong Address

Many have reported their OnTrac packages to have been delivered to the wrong addresses. 

When the OnTrac delivery team sends a package to the wrong address and the owner of that very address says that they weren’t expecting such a package, OnTrac, unfortunately, scans the tracking status as “The delivery was refused or requested to be returned”. 

This is on them to look for the right recipient’s address, but they sadly rush to blame the recipient as having refused their package. It goes on to show why OnTrac is so bad.

Wrong Tracking

More often than not, the OnTrac tracking system has shown that ‘The delivery was refused or requested to be returned’ but then ended up getting delivered the same day or the next business day without any effort from the recipient. 

As an example, you can read from CutiePieTayy, an online user who was expecting a Pixel phone from Google. When he saw that tracking status, he contacted OnTrac, who referred him to Google. In just 3 business hours, OnTrac delivered the phone that they claimed they had returned to the sender. 

This, and many other scenarios goes to show that wrong tracking happens so much on OnTrac.

The Package Was Lost

Lost packages are unfortunately a common thing on OnTrac. 

From what I have observed after countless times expecting OnTrac to deliver my packages, they assign any scan to lost packages. 

When you see them saying that you refused the delivery or requested to have it returned to the sender, it could be that they lost the package in transit or someone lost it. 

What’s funnier is that the said package might end up showing up several hours after OnTrac said that you requested it to be sent to the shipper. Essentially, this is a means to buy more time to see it and do the needful. 

What Do I Do When OnTrac Wrongly Says The Delivery Was Refused?

Whenever you see OnTrac saying that the delivery was refused or it was requested to be returned, we recommend that you alert the shipper right away and tell them that you didn’t do any of those. 

Since they are responsible for ensuring that you receive your package on the stipulated timeframe, you can agree to have them refund you or send you a replacement package. 

If you settle on receiving a replacement package, we recommend that you ask the shipper to use a different shipping company to necessitate the delivery process. OnTrac has been unreliable for several years and there are no signs of meeting expectations any time soon. 


  • When OnTrac says that The delivery was refused or requested to be returned, they mean that they delivered the package, but the recipient refused to take it or asked them to send it back to the sender.
  • As OnTrac uses this tracking status, they might be the ones on the wrong after delivering the package to the wrong address, losing it, or having tracked it wrongly.
  • Whenever you see this update and you haven’t refused the package or requested it to be sent back, let the shipper know.
  • As the recipient, there is no need to contact OnTrac. There won’t be any positive outcome. Let the sender handle that.