The Delivery Date Will Be Provided As Soon As Possible Meaning [UPS]

If you regularly use UPS, one of the most common statuses you might have seen is, “The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible” under the Estimated Delivery tab. 

When I had this instance happening to me, I had bought some items from Nike, and the delivery was to happen two days after. The UPS tracking page showed that a label had been created on what would have been the delivery date. How inconveniencing!

If you are facing the same predicament, don’t worry as our guide today will clear the air on what it means. Read on for more. 

What Does “The Delivery Date Will Be Provided As Soon As Possible” USPS Update Mean?

It means that the package hasn’t been received by UPS for processing, making it impossible for them to estimate the delivery date. 

Since some businesses automatically create shipping labels even before packages get processed by UPS, it’s one of the reasons why the delivery date might vary from what the shipper says to when UPS actually makes the delivery. 

It’s important to note that the delivery date is mostly determined when UPS creates a shipping label. 

Confusion Happens Sometimes

UPS The Delivery Date Will Be Provided As Soon As Possible Meaning

We have to call out UPS here for the wrong information sometimes on their tracking page. 

At one point, my package was to be delivered on a Tuesday, 12th. Upon checking the tracking page, they indicated that they had rescheduled my delivery to 13th, the following day. 

On the 13th, I checked the tracking page and it showed that shipping was in progress and then it switched to “On the Way.”

I awaited that package the whole day and as ill luck would have it, it wasn’t delivered. 

On the 14th the first thing in the morning, I checked the tracking page and found that my package status had switched to “The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible.”

Upon my research, I concluded that it was an error on the tracking page, and in all that long, my package was still in their hub waiting for a shipping label to be created. 

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Why Does The Tracking Status Change?

It sometimes happens that the tracking status of your package changes from “On the way – ⚠️ Delay” to  “The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible”.

Under most circumstances, this is incorrect tracking and UPS has to do better here to provide the correct tracking. 

Some of the reasons that lead to a change in the tracking status include: 

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Inclement weather conditions 

It’s impossible for deliveries to happen when there are extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and in such situations, UPS drivers have to wait until the conditions get better. 

If only UPS updated the tracking page talking about the weather as the reason for the delay instead of swiftly changing the status to something vague such as “The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible” update. 

The package was lost

Package loss sucks and it’s even worse when recipients have the false hope that there is a delay and will soon be sorted out. 

Again, there is no need to change the tracking status from scheduled delivery date to “delivery date will be provided” when UPS knows well that they have lost the parcel. 

If it has been misplaced or lost via theft, it’s great that the tracking page reflects so, so that the to-be recipient starts the claim process or get in touch with the shipper for a replacement to be availed. 


If you had tracked your package around your city but then the status changed to “The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible”, missorting might have been the reason. 

At this point, don’t worry too much because it will be scanned again before it gets loaded into the final delivery truck and the status will change. 

What Do I Do After “The Delivery Date Will Be Provided As Soon As Possible?”

When you see this update, there are high chances that you will receive your package later than it had been expected. 

It it’s not for a reason beyond UPS’s control such as inclement weather conditions, it would be best for you to open a claim for a resolution if you wanted the package urgently.