Shipment Ready for UPS: The Ultimate Guide

As a regular UPS user, you might have encountered the “Shipment Ready for UPS” status update on the tracking page, and that’s why you are here. 

Don’t worry since you aren’t alone (if that makes you feel better, LOL). 

As someone who uses UPS frequently and has encountered this status several times, I decided to compile this comprehensive guide to help you have the correct info about your package status. 

What Does Shipment Ready For UPS Mean?

This status means that the shipper has created a shipping label for the package, but they haven’t given it to UPS just yet, or UPS hasn’t picked up the parcel. 

At this point, it’s the shipper who has your package and most probably is awaiting UPS to pick up the parcel. 

Shipment Ready for UPS

Why Is My Package Status Stuck On “Shipment Ready For UPS?”


This mostly happens during the Holiday Seasons or when there are early Black Friday Offers. 

If the shipper had taken the option of UPS picking up the parcel from them, it might take longer for that to happen when the UPS staff are overwhelmed. 

It’s even worse when the shipper decides to wait until the UPS staff is available to pick up the packages, instead of them delivering them to the respective UPS warehouses for scanning. 

Missed Scans

Yes, it happens sometimes that the UPS staff might forget to scan the package after the shipper hands it over to them or they pick it up. 

When that happens, the package status could stay stuck on “Shipment Ready for UPS,” while in the real sense, it’s on its way to you. 

Due to a lack of scanning, UPS packages have been delivered over and over again without the recipient having any clue, which is risky, especially for those in porch-pirate-prone areas. 

Funny enough, the status gets updated a business day later after receiving your package. 

The Shipper Doesn’t Have a Ready Package Just Yet

It goes beyond saying that there are unscrupulous shippers who can create shipping labels informing UPS that the parcel is ready for pick up when in reality, it’s not the case. 

Let’s take an example of an electric bike manufacturer selling their rides on an e-commerce website. Such a manufacturer could indicate that they have a bike in stock, while in the real sense, it’s in the manufacturing process.  

When a buyer pulls the trigger, that manufacturer might decide to create a shipping label and send it over to UPS. As UPS updates the tracking page “Shipment Ready for UPS,” they could be hot-gluing the different components. 

Depending on the components used, it might take several days or weeks before the e-bike is ready for shipping to a UPS warehouse or before UPS picks it up. 

The longer it takes for that seller to ship the package to UPS or for UPS to pick it up, the more days it will take for the package status to stay stuck on the “Shipment Ready For UPS” update. 

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What Do I Do When My Package Is Stuck On “Shipment Ready For UPS?”

Be More Patient

I recommend that you wait for 5 business days before you start panicking after seeing the dreaded “ready for UPS” update. 

This is especially because your package might have missed a scan, and might actually be on the way.

If the status doesn’t move after 5 business days, you can then follow the next step as we have described below.  

Contact The Shipper

Since the shipper is UPS’s customer, they are responsible for ensuring that the delivery reaches you. 

In fact, if you have ever gotten in touch with UPS asking for the status of your package (as the recipient), then you know that getting a coherent response is no mean feat. 

As the sender is the one who really knows that they shipped the item using UPS, they should file the complaint whenever your package gets stuck on a specific status

Contacting the seller gives you two options: 

  • Filing complaints with UPS when you have delayed deliveries 
  • Offering a refund, especially if you have chosen the 2-day shipping service and it’s over. You can classify it as a failed delivery service. 

It’s crucial to ask the shipper to send you proof that they have indeed handed over your package to UPS. And this proof isn’t really the shipping label.