What does the DHL “Shipment is Out with Courier for Delivery” Update Mean?

There are tons of DHL updates and one of the recent most common ones is “shipment is out with courier for delivery”

The problem is that DHL never bothers to elaborate further on what this “out for delivery” could precisely mean. 

After taking ample time to research further, I have gathered that there are several reasons leading to that update. 

But first things first…

Shipment is Out with Courier for Delivery Meaning

This “Out for Delivery” status update means that DHL has loaded a client’s package in a vehicle for the final delivery. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive your package on the same day, though. Some DHL clients have had that notification for several days due to the reasons we will see below. 

Common Reasons Why the Shipment is Out With Courier for Delivery Update Lingers

Shipment is out with courier for delivery

At times, your package status will stay under “out for delivery” for long. Some DHL users have had to wait for up to 3 days after that update and several reasons come into play. 

These include:

The delivery day is different 

When I first had this status on my package, the scheduled delivery was in the following day. 

It was somewhat surprising as I couldn’t connect how the truck was out for delivery but then the scheduled delivery on the tracking page was not that very day. 

I established that while indeed the truck driver had my package with them, it would be late if they attempted to reach where I live. 

As had been predicted about the scheduled delivery, though, my package was delivered the following day, in the morning. 

Since then, I tend to rely more on the scheduled delivery date than concluding the delivery based on when the truck has started the delivery journey. 

That doesn’t mean that packages can’t come earlier than the scheduled dates, though. I have received my packages that have been out for delivery earlier than the tracking page had shown. 

DHL could be backlogged with deliveries

Tom, my best friend, had a scenario where he received a DHL update that his overseas shipment was out with the courier for delivery and that he would receive it anywhere between Noon and 2 PM. 

After waiting the whole day, he didn’t receive it. He got in touch with DHL and they updated him that they had a massive backlog and apologized that they didn’t manage to update him that the delivery couldn’t happen on that day. He received his package the following afternoon. 

So, it happens sometimes that the delivery facility may fail to make the necessary info to the couriers in case they encounter backlogs, which is why some packages that are out for delivery may delay for even several days. 

What’s great is that DHL will mostly deliver within the scheduled window, regardless of the “out for delivery” status. 

Inclement Weather

In case of harsh weather conditions, DHL may fail to make the delivery on the same day even when the package is out for delivery. 

The safety of the delivery teams and clients’ packages matters big time, which is understandable. 

In case weather is the issue, DHL may sometimes text you, “Delivery exception could not be attempted due to weather” after the “out for delivery” status update. 

The following day is a weekend

Unless your package is labeled under “Urgent Deliveries,” it might stay in the truck until the next working day. 

This is regardless of if DHL had updated you that your “shipment is out with courier for delivery.” 

Ideally, if DHL sends that update on a Friday but fails to deliver that day, the recipient will end up waiting until Monday to have their package with them. This is why some DHL users say that the tracking page has been stuck under the out-for-delivery tag for more than 2 days. 

What do I do when my package gets stuck at that update?

It’s easy to conclude that your package was lost or stolen, especially when the tracking page stays stuck on “shipment is out with courier for delivery”. 

However, don’t panic as none of the DHL users has ever had their package go missing after having received that out for delivery update. At this point, you need to stay patient as your package will eventually get to you. 

If need be (which I don’t think it’s necessary), you can contact DHL via their Mobile Number or use the Live Chat prompt on their website. 

From my experience, though, there is nothing much they do to hasten the delivery when that “shipment is out for delivery” update has been sent. 

Why is a package out for delivery but then stays “on hold”?

While some DHL users might have received the “shipment is out with courier for delivery” update for their overseas package, they may receive another update that it’s on hold. 

What that means is that there are some pending taxes and duties to be paid. 

This is a weird update since it doesn’t truly make sense how a package that has been loaded into a final delivery truck can be held for duties and taxes to be paid. 

From what I have gathered around, that “on hold” status is usually an error, and despite it being there, final deliveries still happen, anyway. 

Why does DHL say a package is out for delivery while it’s in another state?

It happens sometimes that DHL says that a package is out for delivery in Phoenix, Arizona, while in the real sense, you could be in a different state. Some of those in Albuquerque, New Mexico, can relate. 

From my research, I gathered that DHL sends packages heading to some parts to a regional warehouse/hub. From there, they ship those packages to different cities in those regions. 

While DHL might have updated the status to “shipment is out with courier for delivery,” they might have actually given the package to their partner such as USPS, given it to another delivery partner within that region, or to the local DHL offices. 

Provided the recipient has provided the accurate delivery address, they will eventually recipient the package.

If only DHL could elaborate further on such status updates to avoid getting us panicked for literally nothing.