The Shipment Has Departed From A DHL Facility: Know This FIRST!

As you expect a package from another country, it’s possible to see the “Shipment has departed from a DHL Facility” tracking status. 

The problem at this point is that the last scan might show that the package was scanned from a distant place, but then the estimated delivery date is nigh.

Why is that so? How many more days do I expect it to take before I can see the package moving? Read on.

What Does Shipment Has Departed From a DHL Facility Mean?

This DHL tracking status means that the package received a checkpoint at a specific DHL facility and has left toward the destination. 

Some DHL facilities with these checkpoints include the Hong Kong facility, Ontario, Cincinnati Hub, Bahrain,  British Columbia, and Burnaby. 

Basically, these are normal scans that show the package is still on its way, and the highest chances are that it will reach you on time. 

shipment has departed from a dhl facility

Why Haven’t I Received Any Other Update For Several Days?

While you might have seen the tracking status show “shipment has departed from a DHL facility,” it’s possible to not see the package status moving for several days. 

These here are some of the most common reasons: 

The Transit Stop Didn’t Trigger a Tracking Event

As I have noted severally, not every other transit stop triggers a tracking event when DHL is involved. 

Some of our readers have told us that while the tracking page didn’t show it, their package ended up getting delivered on the estimated date without any other status. 

We usually recommend that you wait until the estimated delivery date before you start panicking. 

Don’t worry that the last package’s “shipment has departed from a DHL facility” scan is far from where you are. It might end up showing within the expected timeframe. 

It’s the Weekend 

DHL rarely scans international packages over the weekend, so don’t panic when you see yours getting stuck on that departed update. 

The package status usually moves in the next one or two business days to let you know where it is. 

After the weekend, the tracking status might end up showing “Shipment on Hold”. We also recommend that you don’t panic as your package is still in transit to you, but might come later than estimated.

Transit Delays

When a package has departed a DHL facility, it sometimes has to go via a truck to the airport or a harbor. 

As expected, transit delays such as accidents or inclement weather might face the truck, leading to delays. In all these, DHL doesn’t provide the exact reason why your package is still stuck on that departed update, and you will have to wait for when the next scan happens. 

If the “departed from a DHL facility” scan showed an International Distro for DHL such as Los Angeles, it might take longer for the package status to move since the plane has to be unloaded and all package cans get scanned. 

Depending on the volume of the packages in the plane waiting to get scanned, it can take longer to get a different package status.

What Should I Do When My Package Is Stuck On The Departed Facility Update?

We recommend contacting DHL if it’s past the scheduled delivery date and your package status hasn’t moved just yet. 

We ask that you be more patient when it’s not yet the scheduled delivery date as there are high chances of the package getting to you in good time even when it was lastly scanned in a distant place from where you are. 

Contacting the shipper is also a viable option to let them liaise with DHL and provide a solution to you.