Shipment Exception Weather Delay FedEx: The Ultimate Guide

FedEx has different updates to describe their delivery delays and “shipment exception weather delay” happens to be one of the many. 

In our previous article about FedEx Operational Delay, we didn’t mention the weather as one of the causes as we knew that would be dedicated to an article of its own. 

So, what is this exception weather delay? Be our guest as we comprehensively cover this common topic for discussion. 

What does the FedEx Shipment Exception Weather Delay Update mean?

This update means that there are adverse weather conditions that will make necessitating FedEx deliveries impossible. As such, deliveries to the final recipients will delay until the weather will be clear enough for packages to move. 

Some crucial pointers for you to know

The delay can take longer when it’s a winter storm

Shipment Exception Weather Delay FedEx

When it’s snowing, it may take much longer for the delivery to occur. At moments like these ones, the recipient has to be patient enough as this isn’t FedEx’s fault. 

One of the delays that happened in late December 2022 took at least a week for flight cancellations to be reversed. 

In such moments, you can be sure that some FedEx packages were stuck at that standstill. The clients therefore must have waited for more than a week to receive their packages. 

When it’s raining heavily, these updates don’t stay for long before the skies stay clear and then packages start moving once more. 

Other weather conditions that can cause delays but not for long such as snows include hurricanes, fog, crosswinds, thunderstorms, and lightning. 

FedEx has no control over the delay

After you visit the FedEx tracking page and see the exception weather delay update for a couple of days, it’s easy for you to panic and wonder if your package will really reach you. 

Some clients also make the point to contact FedEx in an attempt to ask when their package will reach their delivery locations. 

Under most normal circumstances, FedEx staff rarely have any concrete answer or solution as the weather can change at any time. 

As I have observed, packages start moving immediately after the weather is clear and as you can see at that point, there is no FedEx’s fault here. They have no control over how the weather turns out at a particular time or day. 

This weather delay along with the Delivery Exception delays are two of the most common delays which are beyond FedEx’s control.

Follow any other updates 

The time at which you will receive your package can be gauged based on any updates you have received on the tracking page concerning your package.

If the weather delay update comes after FedEx has shown on the tracking page that the package is at the destination sort facility, then know that your package is near you, and should the weather be clear, then it will take a short time for the package to reach you. 

If you receive the shipment exception weather delay shortly after the package left the FedEx origin facility update, then know that the package will take longer to reach the destination.

The weather must be clear first of all, where from there, the package will start moving towards the nearest destination sort facility. After all that goes through, it’s when you can receive your shipment. 

There is no real timeframe for when the shipment exception weather delay will be sorted

Since the weather can change at any time of the day, it’s impossible to gauge the right time when the shipment exception delay will be sorted. 

The weather can be clear within an hour or it can take up to more than a week for it to be clear enough for a package to move. 

While contacting FedEx customer care can provide some temporary relief, it’s crucial for you to know that they won’t have real assurance on when the package will certainly start moving. After all, they will offer the highest degree of hope to avoid angering their clients. 

The option at that point is to be patient enough as FedEx can’t do anything to sort out how the weather turns out. 

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What can I do to avoid being caught up in a FedEx Exception Weather Delay?

Since most of these delays happen around the Winter season, waiting for perishable products can do more harm than good. 

When I was caught up in such a scenario during my first FedEx shipment, I had ordered live plants and the seller used FedEx as the carrier company. 

As of the time of receiving my package, all of my live plants had died as that weather exception delay had taken 8 days. 

Now, to avoid such a scenario, I usually recommend that you make any purchase for perishables well in advance. When you combine any temporary weather delays along with the time it will take for the goods to clear the customs process, it’s easy for you to suffer a massive loss. 

Again, if possible, always order any urgently needed products when the weather forecast shows there will be a couple of clear days. That way, you won’t suffer a lot from the consequences arising from delays coming from uncontrollable phenomena. 

If for some reason, the products you want to order will come around the festive season when the weather is sometimes inclement, it’s crucial for you to prepare yourself psychologically that the package may longer to reach you.