Shipment Exception FedEx: The Ultimate Guide

If you use FedEx regularly, then you know that there are tons of package status updates to keep up with. 

One of the most common ones is the Shipment Exception FedEx update. So, what does it mean? What do I need to do to solve it? 

FedEx Shipment Exception Meaning

The “Shipment Exception” update means that there is a slight delay beyond FedEx’s reach that causes a package to move slower than expected. Common reasons for such delays include inclement weather, a shipping error, or the package being held up at customs awaiting clearance. 

There are several scans that can trigger this update, and to know which one, you will have to scroll down the tracking page and open the package’s travel history. The reasons we highlight below are the most responsible for bringing in that package status.

7 Most Common Reasons for the “Shipment Exception FedEx” Update

what is a fedex shipment exception?

Inclement Weather Conditions 

When I first encountered the FedEx Shipment Exception update, there was a typhoon in our region.

Shortly after, FedEx updated the tracking page with the Weather Delay update

Since there is no one to send out your package in instances where there is inclement weather, that’s one of the reasons why FedEx updates the tracking page with the shipping exception status. 

Some instances such as Class 5 Typhoon have to pass before flights resume. In such scenarios, it may take longer for you to receive the package as this is a natural occurrence beyond FedEx’s control. 

The Package is being Held at the Border

For some reason, the customs office may decide to hold a package to confirm a couple of things. In such a hold-up, FedEx mostly uses the shipment exception tag to let you know there is a slight delay. 

The issue could be that there is important documentation that is lacking to have the package sent over the border or minor reasons such as that the package has to undergo an ordinary inspection. 

Depending on why the customs office holds the package, the delay may take a few minutes to several days and in the worst-case scenario, you, as the recipient, might have to provide some documentation or pay any outstanding taxes for the package to start going once more. 

There is a Backlog

If you get the FedEx shipping exception update around the Holidays time, then higher chances are that there is a backlog due to labor shortage and also a huge volume of goods. 

Depending on how fast you would like to receive your package, you can try to communicate with FedEx and request them to prioritize your package. 

What worked for me when I had that scan as a result of backlog was rather simple. I was expecting my Mac from China and wanted it to be a gift to someone special. 

So, I noted down my tracking number and called their number (1.800.463.3339). I told the Robot that I have a query about tracking and asked to talk to a representative, to which she complied.

I politely let the representative know that my package was urgently needed as it was a gift for a specific function and he willingly marked it as urgent, where, it was sent from Memphis to my local facility using the next available flight. 

So, if the shipping exception is a result of backlogs, you can politely ask to have it prioritized depending on how urgently you wish to receive it. 

The Barcode was Ripped Out

During transit, the barcode can get ripped out and should that happen, a delay is inevitable since FedEx has to begin by identifying who the package belongs to. 

The barcode has to be replaced but don’t sweat it because they still maintain the tracking details. As they rectify that mishap a delay can occur for a day or two and the tracking status could switch to the common FedEx Delivery Exception update. 

Incorrect Scanning

It happens that sometimes the scan claims that the package was picked up but missed the laid-out cutoff time. 

That is a case of incorrect scanning, but giving the system time, it will scan in once more and update the system in a few minutes or hours. 

When the shipping exception happens as a result of incorrect scanning, rectification happens faster than in most cases necessitated by these other reasons. 

Wrong Shipping Address or Details

In case you input the wrong shipping address, an incomplete one, or wrong details, the scanner may show a shipping exception on the tracking page. 

If this is the case, FedEx may sometimes contact you to ask you for the right details. In case they don’t and your package stays stuck on that page, it’s crucial for you to talk to one of their representatives, where you will be required to provide the needful info.

Mechanical Problems

Flights and delivery trucks are bound to have mechanical failures and depending on the circumstances around it, this exception can be sorted out in a matter of hours or in the worst-case scenario, in a couple of days. 

FedEx may not really update the tracking page with all this info, but calling them will give you a complete update on the real reason. 

5 FAQs About the FedEx Shipping Exception Update

Will I Still Recieve My Package?

Don’t panic if you see the shipping exception on your FedEx tracking page. Depending on the reason for the temporary delay, you may actually receive your package within the provided timeline. 

Even when it’s past the delivery schedule, don’t worry much as FedEx will still deliver as it could be an issue beyond FedEx’s ability to control. 

How Can I Avoid the Shipment Exception FedEx Update?

While some of the reasons for this update are inevitable, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you seamlessly receive your package. 

Plan Well in Advance 

If you have a package that you will need as of a particular time such as a holiday gift, it’s recommended that you order it well in advance. 

For example, if you wish to import a Christmas gift from China, you can buy it by early November so that you can give the shipping process ample time.

That way, you won’t be affected when couriers encounter delays arising from a backlog or low staff during the holiday days. 

Again, you can look into the weather trends to ensure that inclement weather won’t cause a delay to your much-anticipated package.

It’s better if your package arrives earlier and you be left with the hassle of keeping it to yourself until when the right time to gift comes than to receive it past the intended event.

Provide the Correct Details and Address

Mistakes do happen and it’s understandable, but always cross-check into whether you have provided your correct details and the shipping address. 

The worst that can happen to your delivery is to have the package getting returned to the local facility as they try to find out the right owner and then returned to the queue when there are volumes of goods to be processed. 

What do I do When I Recieve that Update?

In case the reason for the FedEx Shipment Exception you have is to do with something that can be controlled by FedEx, we recommend that you contact them.

Depending on how urgently you need to get your valuable package, reaching out to them via the calling option is the best idea for you. Just that you don’t stop at when the Robot talks to you…Ask them to communicate with a Human Representative. 

This method still has a limitation, though, as some of the reasons necessitating that update are beyond FedEx’s control. Think of inclement weather, natural disasters, or air traffic control and you will notice that calling them won’t change anything much. 

In any case, you will have to be patient here and when everything aligns, rest assured that you will have your package with you.  

How Long Does it Take for the FedEx Shipping Exception Update to Vanish?

The time it takes for the Shipment Exception FedEx update to “Out for Delivery” depends on the reason leading to that update. 

For instance, if it was a case of incorrect tracking, the update can disappear within a few minutes or hours. However, issues to do with natural disasters, bad weather, or problems to do with airlines take longer to solve. 

So, it might take a few minutes or up to 10 days for the package to start moving once again, like is the case with the dreaded FedEx “In Transit” Status.