Released From US Customs [USPS]: Read This FIRST!

If you are in another country and are expecting a package from the US, the “released from US Customs” USPS tracking status is one of the most common. 

Under most circumstances, there are no further updates about the date, time, or where the parcel is. 

If you are facing this status, don’t worry anymore as our guide clears the air about the entire update. 

What Does “Released From US Customs” Mean?

This USPS tracking status means that the United States Customs has properly inspected the package and released it to proceed to the destination country. 

The crucial reason why USPS never shows the details about the date, time, and location of the package is that the package is still on its way to the destination country, where it will still be subjected to customs clearance. 

Basically, it’s up to the customs of the destination country to approve the package into the country or deny it and send it back to the US.

Your item has been released from US Customs

Why Is My Package Stuck on “Released From US Customs” For Several Days? 3 Main Reasons


After the US Customs office has released your package to proceed to your country, there might be many more packages before yours awaiting to be taken to your country. 

Since your country’s postage company is responsible for bringing in your package and handing it over to customs for proper inspection, it’s the reason why USPS never has an update for you. 

Essentially, USPS has better updates for when a package is still in the US, and when the customs in your country has released it to your local post company for the final delivery. 

The situation is even dire when it’s during the holidays as more and more people import many packages at such times. 

Backed Up Customs Offices In Your Country

Backed-up local customs offices are a leading reason why USPS tracking stays stuck under “released from US customs.”

After the US customs have released your package for importation to your country, that parcel will have to pass through customs for inspection. 

Depending on how many more packages arrived before yours, it might take several days or weeks for the package status to start moving. 

Your USPS tracking page will only show your package’s movement when the customs in your country have released the parcel to your post office or denied it and asked that the package get taken back to the sender in the US. 

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The Package Was Lost

Not to burst your bubble or anything, package losses happen all the time and if yours has stuck on this update for more than two weeks, chances are that it was lost or stolen when the customs released it.

The package can be stolen at various points such as when it’s in the way to your country or when it’s getting sorted before getting handed over to your country’s customs offices. 

What Do I Do When USPS Says Released From US Customs For Days? 4 Ways

When your package’s latest update shows, “Your item has been released from US customs,” here are a couple of things you can do: 

Be More Patient 

Under most circumstances, packages that were stuck under Released from customs ended up showing, albeit several days or weeks later. 

If yours isn’t a time-sensitive package, we recommend that you be more patient. There are fewer chances of your package having been stolen or lost, so a little more patience goes a long way.

Check With Your Local Post Office

After the US customs office has released your package to proceed to your country, they mostly hand it over to the postal company of the recipient’s country. 

As such, tracking using the local post office’s details can only make sense. Depending on how the tracking system is in your country, you might be happy to find that the parcel is in your city. 

Contact the Shipper

Since you are the shipper’s client, they are responsible for ensuring that you get your package within the estimated delivery date. 

The sender can work best with USPS to find a solution such as finding where the package is stuck and what can be done to make it move faster. 

Again, you can agree with them to get a replacement package or a refund depending on how desperately you were about receiving that package on time. 

The reason why we don’t recommend contacting USPS is simply because you can’t file an international claim with them if you are the recipient. According to their International Claim policy, “Only the U.S. sender can start an online inquiry to begin an international claim.”

File a Charge Back

If reasoning with the sender didn’t bear any fruits, the only choice you can make is to work with your Payment Company to file a chargeback. 

We recommend you go this route when you have been patient enough and there are no signs of your package ever getting to you.


  • When USPS tells you that your package has been “released from US Customs”, they imply that the parcel has been inspected and released to head toward the country of destination  
  • If your package is stuck on this update, it could be because there are backlogs delaying the package from going from the US to your country, the customs office in your country is overwhelmed with packages, or the package was lost while in transit
  • Track your package using your local postal tracking page and see if there are more details about its exact location and the delivery date
  • Be more patient if the package isn’t time-sensitive, contact the shipper if the delay becomes too much, or file a chargeback if the shipper doesn’t cooperate with you.