Processing at Destination [USPS]: The Ultimate Guide

The USPS “Processing at Destination” update is one of the most recent statuses I currently see every other time I use the US Postal Service. 

Under the “additional information” prompt, USPS may provide several terms depending on why the package might be stuck on this update. 

These include “The Customer has Requested that the Postal Service Redeliver this item” or “Redelivery Scheduled.” 

Either way, our complete guide provides all the needful details necessary to keep you updated on your package status. 

What does the USPS “Processing at Destination” Update Mean?

This tracking status means that your package is at the destination facility and the US Postal Service is processing and sorting it before it gets sent to the recipient’s address or their local post office. 

Since there are different statuses under the “Processing at Destination” notification, we will look deeper into the different terms below.

Processing at Destination USPS

Why does USPS say “Redelivery Scheduled?”

When USPS says, “Redelivery scheduled,” they mean that their package was initially delivered and there was no one available to pick it up, so, they request USPS to redeliver it as of a specific time when there will be someone available to pick it up. 

If you wish the redelivery to happen the same day, USPS recommends that you submit the redelivery request by 2AM CST. If you don’t schedule redelivery for the same day, USPS will make the redelivery the following day (between Monday and Saturday). 

If the status of your package is under “redelivery scheduled,” USPS provides the Latest Update about your package as “The customer has requested that the Postal Service redeliver this item”. 

So, the second delivery attempt depends on the day and time you ask for the redelivery to be rescheduled. Asking for redelivery to be made on Saturday will make you receive your package on Monday. 

Again, if you ask for the same-day redelivery past 2 AM CST, you will receive it on the following business day.  

Redelivery scheduled USPS Meaning

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What does, “Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)” Mean?

When USPS says “Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available), they mean that there is no one present or an agent at the recipient’s address to accept the delivery. 

When mailers leave this notice, clients are in a better position to know when USPS will make a second delivery attempt and/or return an article to the shipper.

At this point, you may decide to wait until when the next delivery attempt will be made and you should be available to receive your package, or go to your local post office and self-pick your package. 

If you opt for self-picking instead of scheduling redelivery, it’s crucial that you go to the post office with PS Form 3849 and your Personal Identification details.

If you don’t have the PS Form 3849 with you, be sure to go to the post office with the USPS tracking number, and your photo ID showing the correct shipping address or a business card with the correct name and shipping address.

If applicable, USPS will also require your signature, and while at it, they will scan the package. If you had the PS Form 3849, the staff you will find will pick it up and store it in a designated place in the office. 

What does “Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility” Mean?

This is another common update you will see under “Processing at Destination”. 

“Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility” means that your package has reached the final hub responsible for processing and sorting before it is sent out to the final post office or the mailer responsible for necessitating the final delivery. 

Under most circumstances, a package takes less than an hour while get processed and sorted at the destination facilities. The other times when it can take longer include when there are backlogs. 

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“Departed USPS Regional Destination Facility” Meaning

This term means that your package has left the last station responsible for processing and sorting, and it’s on the way to the hub that is responsible for sending out your package for the final delivery. 

When a package departs the regional destination facility, there won’t be any further processing or sorting, and under normal circumstances, it should be delivered the same day or the following business day if you received the update at late hours. 

Sometimes, a parcel might be stuck on this update due to the mailer forgetting to scan and update the tracking page. 

In such a scenario, the package usually gets delivered unknowingly to the recipient, with the tracking page getting updated later on.

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Why is my Package Stuck at “Processing at Destination?”

Parcel Backlogs

Backlogs usually happen during the Holiday season and some other times in the year and it’s understandable. 

Since USPS receives thousands of packages daily, it’s possible sometimes for them to be overwhelmed. 

When that happens, packages may be stuck under processing as there is a shortage of staff to fasten the process from sorting to the final delivery. 

We usually recommend that you plan well in advance of the peak online shopping seasons such as during the holidays to avoid later inconveniences. 

Incorrect Tracking

It sometimes happens that there is incorrect tracking for your package and in such a scenario, your package might be stuck under the processing status. 

The exact reason why there could be incorrect tracking depends on various factors, with the most common one being that the mailer might have forgotten to update the tracking page. 

The funny bit is that USPS might actually deliver it within the scheduled delivery date even when the tracking page still says “Processing at the destination”. 

It takes a couple of hours to see an updated status when you receive your package, though. 

What do I do when my package is stuck on “Processing at Destination”

When your package is stuck under processing for more than two days, you can contact USPS to ask for your package status. 

We find calling them to be the most effective means of communication to get clarification on when to expect your parcel. 

If yours is an issue with a package that was actually delivered and you were not available to pick it up, we recommend that you go with your PS Form 3849 and Identification details to your local post office to self-pick it. 

While scheduling redelivery is also a great idea, especially for those who are busy to self-pick, it’s also more time-consuming, and in the worst-case scenario, it might take more days than you had indicated on the redelivery page.