Processed Through USPS Facility: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most common tracking statuses I recently frequently saw as I expected my package is “Processed through USPS Facility.”

Now that you are here, you could be wondering why your USPS package doesn’t seem to move after it has been accepted at USPS facility. 

Worry no more as our today’s guide focuses on what really it means and what you can do to necessitate a faster delivery process. 

What Does It Mean When USPS Says Processed Through Facility?

The “Processed through USPS Facility” status means that after your package was accepted by USPS, it has been scanned to proceed in its journey toward the destination. 

Essentially, you receive this tracking update in the initial stages of its journey after the pre-shipment info of the package has been sent to USPS and USPS has accepted to deliver it. 

The best thing about this update is that USPS shows the location where the package was last scanned, the date, and the time.

Why Is My Package Stuck On “Processed Through USPS Facility?”

One of the most common scenarios we have had lately when our packages were stuck on this update is that the package ends up getting processed through a USPS facility multiple separate times or the package status doesn’t move for days.

If you are facing that predicament, these could be the reasons why: 

The Package Is Still Sitting In The Facility

Since USPS processes and delivers more than 23 Million packages daily, the figures go higher on some days, making it easy for backlogs to appear. 

In such cases, packages might have been processed well, but then end up sitting in the facilities for longer due to backed-up facilities. 

Depending on the number of staff and your package order in the line, it can take several days as you see your package getting scanned under “processed through USPS facility” multiple separate times.

The Package Was Lost

Funny enough, packages still get lost in the USPS facilities either due to misplacements or damaged barcodes. 

When that happens, your package won’t have any other relevant scan, and the USPS staff have to locate it before it starts moving again. 

Thankfully, package loss due to theft inside the facilities is on the lowest side, which means it won’t take any time longer before your package status moves once more. 

One of the ways to know that your package wasn’t lost is when you receive multiple separate “processed through USPS facility” scans.

The Package Got Damaged

Even after getting scanned, a package might get damaged as it gets handled to go from the facility to the recipient. 

Damaged parcels are usually sent to the “Damaged Package Section.” Since there are no staff attached to explicitly working on these ones, they get sorted whenever there is an available person to handle that. 

By the time there is an available member of the staff to seal and forward it to the mail steam once more, several days might have passed. Sadly, the recipient never receives any update about their package awaiting to be re-sealed and rescanned, which is deeply inconveniencing. 

What Should I Do When My Package Tracking Status Doesn’t Move?

If your USPS package keeps receiving multiple separate scans from the SAME FACILITY that it has been “processed through USPS facility,” we recommend that you contact USPS. 

Getting scanned at the same facility will initiate USPS to start a physical search for your package, and it will get delivered to you sooner.

If, instead, your package is stuck on that update for several days and it’s on or past the estimated delivery date, we recommend that you contact the shipper. 

Contacting the shipper when your package is delayed will make them liaise with USPS for a better solution. If it was a time-sensitive package, you can agree with the shipper to send you a replacement or refund at this point. Always remember that you are the shipper’s client, and they are USPS’s customers. 

Lastly, if you would rather wait, you can use a third-party tracking site such as 17Track for more refined details.