OnTrac Tracking Not Updating [Know This FIRST]

As of the time of writing this, OnTrac is rated as one of the worst last-mile delivery companies in the world. 

One of the reasons for such 1-star ratings is “OnTrac Tracking Not Updating.”

When I bought my items at Best Buy, my shipping details showed that OnTrac was responsible for making the final delivery to my doorstep. 

After the tracking status showed “Awaiting Package” two days later, the tracking never updated, and after two weeks of back and forth with them, the package finally showed up. 

All these happened when Best Buy had already shipped that package! What an inconvenience! 

Now that you are here, you could be worried about why your OnTrac package status isn’t updating at all. Read on as we dissect each detail. 

Reasons For OnTrac Tracking Not Updating 

Janky Tracking System

Better UX (User Experience) requires that a recipient gets updated about any move their package moves, but sadly, OnTrac doesn’t bother about making an epic Recipient experience. 

For example, when I was expecting a package from Shein, the package status turned to “Out for Delivery” for two days. 

Since the third day was the estimated delivery date, I looked at the tracking status and it went from “Out for delivery” to “No tracking information available at this time”. 

After an hour, my tracking status showed, “The sender may not have sent the package data yet, or the number is invalid”.

In all these updates that make no sense, I can only say it’s an issue to do with an unreliable tracking system. 

After LaserShip acquired them in 2021, you can also expect to see the supposed tracking details on the LaserShip tracking page. Sadly, OnTrac never bothers to let the recipient know on which website they can see the latest details about their packages.

Invalid Tracking Number

I have only seen this on Ontrac. 

How a package can get a system-generated tracking number and then the next moment it shows an “invalid tracking number” is beyond anyone’s understanding. 

Intelligentcan4609, a Social user says that his package was “Out for Delivery” and then upon checking the status the following day, it changed to “tracking number is not valid.”

Funny enough, packages have ended up getting delivered by OnTrac even when the tracking status showed “Invalid Tracking Number.”


Due to their low rates, OnTrac seems to have contracts and shipping partnerships with huge brands such as Shein, Walmart, Best Buy, FragranceNet, Temu, Adidas, Nike, and loads of others. 

Since they have a Geographical focus in the Western US, these huge brands prefer to use them to make the shipping experience better for customers in those 36 States and Washington DC. 

Now, since those brands shipping with OnTrac have millions of customers, you can see how it’s easy for the OnTrac staff to be overwhelmed by all these packages.

Sadly, from multiple former employees’ confessions and online reviews, OnTrac is always understaffed, which is why it can take longer for the package statuses to update. 

From what I have noted, these updating delays mostly happen during Halloween sales, Thanksgiving Weekend, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Holidays. You can’t be wrong to say that OnTrac is selling way beyond its capability. 

The Package Was Stolen

There have been many complaints about OnTrac stealing packages

What’s even worse is that some office staff and OnTrac drivers have been reported to have stolen valuable packages, making it easy to conclude that the reason why your package status isn’t updating is because it’s not there – it has been stolen. 

One of the tricks used to steal recipients’ packages is that OnTrac drivers scan the packages at the destination, make a photo proof, and go back with it. That way, they have the proof that they have actually “delivered it.” 

Package theft is one of the leading reasons why OnTrac is so bad.  

The Website is Down

Since OnTrac uses overhead scanners and belts, your package might have been properly scanned but then the website is down. 

If the site is down and doesn’t update, you might even end up receiving your package within the estimated date, which might be a good thing. However, the anxiety that comes with awaiting a package that doesn’t move isn’t worth it and we wish OnTrac could do a better job at ensuring that recipients get properly updated.

What Should I Do When My OnTrac Tracking Is Not Updating?

Add “&run” To The Tracking URL

I found that adding “&run” to the OnTrac tracking URL provides more details about the exact location where the package is and when it was last scanned. 

For instance, http://www.ontrac.com/trackingdetail.asp?tracking=C234786543129&run= 

I have gathered that this page best works on a mobile phone as when you open it on a computer, it doesn’t provide the extra tracking details. 

Use Third-party Tracking Sites

Some third-party package tracking sites such as Tracking More provide a better tracking experience for your package. 

Unless your package is stolen, you can see where it was last scanned at the time of the scan. This helps you know if it’s really an issue to do with an unreliable OnTrack tracking system or if the package is just sitting in one of their facilities. 

Contact The Shipper

Since it’s the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that you get the package you paid for, they should work with their shipping partner to ensure that you receive it within the stipulated time, especially if you went with the OnTrac Express shipping option. 

We stated good cooperation with the shipper as one of the leading reasons why OnTrac is still in business. 

When the shipper reaches out to OnTrac and says that the recipient doesn’t know the tracking status of their package, OnTrac will do what it can to investigate and let them know when exactly you can expect your package to be with you. 

It’s a different situation altogether when you try to contact OnTrac to know more about your package status as they will most probably ignore you or falsely say they will get back to you with more details. 

If the shipper finds that your package tracking is not updating due to having been stolen or getting lost, they might decide to offer you a replacement or a refund. 

Always Insist on Using a Different Package Delivery Company

Since OnTrac hasn’t shown any improvement in terms of how they treat recipients and their packages, it would be best if you avoided them at all costs. 

As you make an online purchase, be sure to ask the retailer to use a different package delivery company that actually cares. That could be DHL, USPS, UPS, or even FedEx. You will have minimized the chances of having a tracking status that doesn’t update.