OnTrac Says Delivered But No Package (Read This FIRST)

Dependable brands such as Walmart, Shein, FragranceNet, and lots more have turned to OnTrac to be their favorite shipping partner. 

Sadly, from my experience and based on what others also share on Social, OnTrac is currently one of the worst last-mile shipping companies you can rely on. 

See, two months ago, I had a package coming from Shein. OnTrac was the responsible company for making the final delivery. After faithfully and keenly following the tracking page, I got stuck on “Delivered.” A week later, I had no package!

If you are facing the same “OnTrac says Delivered But No Package,” tracking status, don’t worry as you aren’t alone (if that makes you feel better, LOL!). 

Why Is My OnTrac Status Stuck on “Delivered” While There’s No Delivered Package?

Incorrect Tracking

Exactly the problem I experienced with my second package getting said to be “Delivered” by OnTrac.

From my more than 10 Years of receiving packages, I have never seen this happening again. 

The funny bit is that after OnTrac said that they “Delivered” my package and I searched everywhere only to never see it anywhere, the tracking page updated the following morning showing “Out for Delivery”. 

What’s sadder is that the very package went through several distribution centers far from my city, and it eventually showed up 2 weeks later. 

If you are facing the “Delivery” issue without having received your package, it could be an issue to do with incorrect tracking. Your package might go through different scans before it gets to you. This is utterly irresponsible of OnTrac.

Your Package Was Stolen

Believe it or not, OnTrac is one of the last-mile delivery companies associated with the most package thefts.

Sadly, when the drivers steal the packages, they quickly update the tracking status with “delivered”. 

Some of the recipients who have complained about their packages that didn’t get delivered due to theft said that they checked everywhere and followed door cams for confirmation purposes but couldn’t find any.

Package theft is one of the reasons we shared why OnTrac is just so bad. 

One of the primary reasons why packages get stolen so much by OnTrac is that they usually work with independent drivers, meaning there really aren’t any repercussions when packages don’t make it to the recipients. 

You can read this piece from CBS News about a delivery driver who had stolen thousands of OnTrac packages. 

What Should Do When OnTrac Says Delivered But I Have No Package?

Contact The Shipper

Since you are the shipper’s client and they are OnTrac’s, the best way to handle this is to let them know that you didn’t receive the package. 

It only makes sense when you deal with the shipper as they are responsible for ensuring that you get what you purchased. 

In fact, for several moments we have had to contact OnTrac and let them know that we didn’t receive our packages, and no one reached out to us. The chances of getting any helpful response are ultimately low, which is why we recommend that you work with the sender. 

When you work with the shipper, you can rest assured that they will do a refund or send a replacement package to keep you satisfied.

As usual, some of the shippers will stay adamant and claim that there is nothing they can do after OnTrac has said that they “Delivered” the shipment. This now takes us to the next step. 

Do a Chargeback

Now that you haven’t received what you paid for, it’s a fantastic idea to contact your bank or the payment Company you used and let them know that you would like to file a chargeback. 

Getting your refund can only be fair so that you can make the purchase elsewhere with a company working with a more reliable last-mile delivery company. 

Get a Police Report

When the shipper ignores your request for a refund or replacement and your Payment company declines to make a chargeback on your behalf, we recommend that you report to the police about your experience. 

That way, you will be validating that you have every reason to believe that your package was either misdelivered or stolen.

As is the case with most recipients, there are higher chances than not you will find more recipients having filed reports about OnTrac drivers having failed to deliver their packages. These reports make it easier to catch the associated thieves.  

What Can I Do to Avoid This From Happening?

When you buy from a company that uses OnTrac as one of their shipping partners, we recommend that you ask them to use an OnTrac alternative such as UPS, USPS, or even FedEx to make the delivery to you. 

In case they go on and use OnTrac against your wish, you can cancel the order immediately and shop elsewhere. 

As recipients, we have given OnTrac enough chances to redeem themselves but it seems even after LaserShip acquired them in 2021, no change has happened so far.