OnTrac “Out for Delivery” Tracking Update [Read This FIRST!]

Many huge brands have turned out to OnTrac to complete last-mile deliveries to the Western US. 

Before your package from such brands gets delivered to you, OnTrac uses the status “Out for Delivery” to alert you that your package will be with you shortly. 

But first things first…

What Does “Out for Delivery” Mean On OnTrac?

This status means OnTrac has taken your package from the local facility, loaded it onto a delivery vehicle, and it’s on its final journey towards getting delivered to you. 

How Long Does OnTrac “Out for Delivery” Take?

When the tracking status of your OnTrac package says that it’s out for delivery, you can expect it to be delivered to you the same day or the next business day.

However, we have seen many instances where the OnTrac tracking page shows a package is “out for delivery” but it doesn’t move anymore, taking us to our next sub-topic. 

Why Is My OnTrack Package Status Stuck On “Out for Delivery?”


Most recipients have told us that they have had their OnTrac packages in the same town as them, but then they don’t get delivered the same day or the following business day. 

From what we have gathered, this is an issue to do with backlogs, where, drivers won’t manage to deliver the assigned packages within the estimated date.

This has become a common phenomenon especially now that major brands such as Walmart, Shein, Temu, Best Buy, Nike, and Adidas have entered partnerships and contracts with OnTrac to make last-mile deliveries to their clients. 

Even worse is that OnTrac is mostly understaffed and they seem to have sold way beyond their ability. A leading reason why they are mostly understaffed is that they pay poorly while keeping most of the profit.

Basically, if you see your package getting stuck on the “Out for delivery” for several days, know that the driver coming towards your destination might have been overwhelmed by the number of packages they have to deliver.

Janky Tracking System

From our experience receiving packages, OnTrac has been the worst of all, especially considering how unreliable their tracking system can be. 

While they use overhead scanners and conveyors, it’s bewildering how the OnTrac tracker can still show that the package is “out for delivery” while it’s not even in the recipient’s local facility. 

For example, when I was expecting a package from Shein, the package status turned to “Out for Delivery” for two days. 

Since the third day was the estimated delivery date, I looked at the tracking status and it went from “Out for delivery” to “No tracking information available at this time”. 

After an hour, my tracking status showed, “The sender may not have sent the package data yet, or the number is invalid”. These situations clearly show that OnTrac’s tracking system can be a mess sometimes. 

If this was a time-sensitive package, anxiety would have taken the better part of me as any time I see the “out for delivery” on the serious shipping companies such as UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx, it’s an assurance that my package will be with me in a matter of hours. 

Lack of Scanning

It has happened before where an OnTrac package was out for delivery and then was delivered an hour or several later without any scan.

It would be best if you have a ring camera as porch pirates may make away with such unscanned packages. All in all, this is all OnTrac’s fault and part of keeping their recipients calm is to make sure that packages get scanned at any step they make. 

Funny enough, packages that were delivered but were not scanned remain on the “out for delivery” tracking status for up to several weeks before getting updated to “delivered.”

The Package Was Stolen

Many have reported that their OnTrac packages were stolen by the drivers

In fact, others have released footage showing OnTrac drivers scanning packages to their destinations and then going back with them. 

As you will see from the Better Business Bureau, package theft is a common complaint against OnTrac. 

When your package that was “out for delivery” gets stolen by the driver, the tracking status will sadly stay stuck on that update for eternity. 

What Should I Do When My Package Is Stuck On “Out for Delivery?”

Use Third-party Tracking Sites

Some third-party package tracking sites such as Tracking More provide a better tracking experience for your package. 

Unless your package is stolen, you can see where it was last scanned at the time of the scan. This helps you know if it’s really an issue with an unreliable OnTrack tracking system or if the supposedly “out for delivery” package is just sitting in one of their facilities. 

Contact The Shipper

OnTrac is well-known for cooperating with the shippers whenever there is any complaint. 

We refer you to the shipper because you are their client and they are OnTrac’s customer.

In light of that, they are responsible for ensuring that your package reaches your provided address within the estimated date. 

If your parcel is stuck on “Out for Delivery” past the estimated date, it’s a fantastic idea for you to get in touch with the shipper to ensure that you receive a replacement package or a refund. 

Is OnTrac Delivery Date Accurate?

When it’s on the estimated delivery date and your package is “out for delivery,” you might be interested to know if this date is accurate. 

From our experience using OnTrac, their estimated delivery date is rarely accurate, which is one of the leading reasons why OnTrac is just so bad


  • When OnTrac says that a package is “out for delivery,” they mean that it was picked from the recipient’s local OnTrac facility and loaded into a vehicle for the final delivery.
  • Due to reasons such as package theft, backlogs, unreliable tracking systems, or lack of scanning, a package that was “out for delivery” might not show up on the estimated date or at all.
  • When your package is stuck on “Out for delivery” it would be best to use a third-party tracking site to know where exactly the package is, or contact the shipper to know how your package can reach you within the shortest time possible.