OnTrac Delivery Service Faces Backlash as Recipients Express Frustration Over Service Failures

Customers Decry Late Deliveries, Mishandled Packages, and Poor Communication, Leading to Growing Outcry Against OnTrac

OnTrac, a prominent package delivery service, is under fire as numerous recipients across the western side of the country voice their frustration over a slew of service failures.

Customers have taken to social media platforms and online forums to express their grievances, citing late deliveries, mishandled packages, and inadequate communication as major points of contention.

In recent weeks, reports of delayed packages have flooded online communities, with customers sharing stories of missed deadlines, late-night deliveries, and packages being left in vulnerable locations.

Recipients have also raised concerns about the lack of transparency regarding delivery schedules and the inability to track their packages accurately.

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Angry Recipients Speak Out

Frustrated OnTrac users have not hesitated to share their experiences. Revolutionary Put, a resident of Houston, expressed his disappointment, saying, “So my package was supposed to be delivered on the 20th and every day since then it’s been updated delayed around 6 pm local time and showing that it’s still in Houston.”

He added, “Tried calling they have made it impossible to talk to a human on the phone so I went to the chat (they don’t answer texts or emails) asked for an agent, and finally got a live person whose only answer is an I’m sorry for the delay and frustration and I’ll open an investigation.

Now I have an email from the person reiterating the same thing and to contact the seller if I don’t have my package within two business days, and a new shipment notification from Laser Ship with my same tracking number attached so I’m confused and frustrated. Also, apparently, I can’t even go pick it up myself because they “no longer allow customer pick up from our facilities”

Petite-L, another Reddit user, posted, “My package supposedly arrived on August 15 to the facility and since then it’s been like “delayed, delivery updated”. I sent an email and no response, customer service is a joke, sucks!!! I don’t know what else to do, should I go to the facility? Has anyone had success contacting them?? This company shouldn’t exist ???? I hate them!

OnTrac Frustrating Recipients

OnTrac’s Response

In response to the mounting complaints, we reached out to Robert, the director of Corporate Branding at OnTrac who acknowledged the issues faced by customers. He stated, “We are aware of the concerns raised by our customers, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are actively working to address these issues and improve our services to meet the expectations of our valued customers.”

However, for many recipients, these words ring hollow, with some calling for more concrete actions to rectify the situation. Customers are demanding better communication, increased reliability, and transparency regarding delivery times and locations.

Impact on Businesses and Consumers

The unreliable service provided by OnTrac has not only affected individual consumers but has also caused disruptions for businesses that rely on timely deliveries. Many small businesses, in particular, have voiced concerns about the negative impact these delays have on their operations and customer satisfaction.

Surprisingly, major brands such as Shein, Newegg, and FragranceNet have incorporated OnTrac to make last-mile deliveries to their customers. Most of the recipients who have at any time used OnTrac say on the OnTrac subreddit that they will always demand other Package delivery companies to deliver to them. Others say that they won’t buy any more from brands that use OnTrac as their primary shipping company.

As the outcry against OnTrac continues to grow, customers are eagerly awaiting tangible improvements in the company’s services, especially after LaserShip acquired them. Meanwhile, competitors in the delivery industry are seizing the opportunity to attract dissatisfied OnTrac customers by emphasizing their own commitment to reliable and timely deliveries.

OnTrac finds itself at a critical juncture as it grapples with a wave of discontent from frustrated customers. The company’s ability to swiftly address these issues and restore customer confidence will undoubtedly play a significant role in determining its future reputation in the competitive package delivery market.

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