How Late Does OnTrac Deliver? [Detailed Answer]

The question of “How late does OnTrac deliver” is one many recipients have asked us. 

When our readers ask me this query, I always tell them that there are two ways to think about it. 

  • When does OnTrac stop delivering for the day?
  • After how many days past the estimated delivery date does OnTrac deliver?

When we answer each of these queries independently, it’ll make much more sense so that you can prepare yourself mentally about when exactly you can expect the delivery. 

When Does OnTrac Stop Delivering For The Day?

The official OnTrac starting delivery time starts at 8 AM and ends at 9 PM from Monday to Friday, provided there are no public holidays.

So, it isn’t unusual for OnTrac drivers or contracted drivers to deliver your package to your doorstep as late as 9 PM (your local time) during business days.

For some select service areas, you can also expect to receive your package on weekends anywhere from 8 AM to 9 PM. However, these areas are the minority and unless you are within the select areas, your packages will only come from Monday to Friday. 

How Late Past The Estimated Delivery Date Does OnTrac Deliver?

We have made many posts about OnTrac’s unreliability, and one of the reasons we described them as being so bad was because they mostly deliver late. 

Even when you see your package’s tracking status switch to “Out of Delivery” and set to be delivered “By End of Day,” don’t rejoice too much. The package may get to you more than 48 hours later. 

From what we have gathered, OnTrac can deliver as late as 14 business days after the estimated delivery date, provided that they haven’t lost or stolen your package, of course, something they are known for. 

What Are The Reasons Why OnTrac Delivers Later Than Estimated?

OnTrac Doesn’t Keep Drivers

Many OnTrac drivers have reported that the company keeps making pay cuts, making it hard to maintain the best drivers who are used to the job. 

As they keep hiring new ones, the delivery service similarly gets affected, leading to more delays before those climatize. Sadly, the trend continues when they keep hiring and contracting independent drivers to make deliveries on their behalf.

The other reason why there are not many independent drivers interested in working with OnTrac is that they have to own their vehicles and pay for commercial and cargo insurance. The little play they get from OnTrac sadly isn’t enough to pay for these bills and meet living costs. 


Some companies such as Shein, Newegg, and Walmart seem to prioritize OnTrac’s delivery service due to their lowest delivery charges. 

Since there are tons of customers buying from such companies, it also adds to the pressure on OnTrac. Owing to low wages, OnTrac mostly finds themselves short-staffed, which makes the delivery process a problem. 

In fact, there are few recipients on the OnTrac subreddit who agree to have received their packages on or before the estimated delivery date. 

What Do I Do If OnTrac Delays With My Package?

Since you are the shipper’s client and not OnTrac’s, it would be best if you engage the sender and inform them that your package has been delayed. 

OnTrac is well-known for cooperating with package senders are finding solutions faster but the same can’t be said about their relationship with recipients. 

In fact, we don’t recommend you reach out to OnTrac if you are the recipient. The probability of getting any solution is ultimately too low. 

How Can I Avoid OnTrac Due to Their Late Deliveries?

As you purchase anything online from a brand that works with OnTrac, we recommend that you let them know that they should use an OnTrac alternative such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL. 

While these also have their fair share of problems and delays, their services aren’t as terrible as we see with OnTrac. 

FAQs About OnTrac Delivery Times and Dates

Does OnTrac deliver after 8 PM?

Yes, OnTrac delivers after 8 PM. Their official final delivery time of the day is 9 PM on Monday to Friday and on weekends for the select areas. 

How Long Does OnTrac Take to Deliver Once Out for Delivery?

Once the OnTrac tracking page shows “Out for Delivery,” it takes anywhere between 2 hours to 2 business weeks for the recipient to have their package. 

Is OnTrac ever on time?

From my experience using OnTrac and other user reviews, OnTrac is mostly never on time when making their deliveries. 

Packages can end up taking up to 2 business weeks late, making OnTrac the worst last-mile delivery company for time-sensitive packages.