DHL Forwarded to a Third Party Agent: The Complete Guide

If you frequently use DHL as your courier choice, you might have encountered the “forwarded to a third party agent” update. 

The problem is that there is not much reliable information on what this update means or what needs to be done for the delivery process to seamlessly go on. 

As someone who has received that notification more than 3 times now, I dug deeper and hereby bring this ultimate guide to end your search. 

What does the “Forwarded to a third party agent” DHL update mean?

A “forwarded to a third party agent” notification means that DHL has handed over your package to another carrier for them to handle it and make the final delivery. That usually happens when DHL is extremely backed up with delivery orders or when they lack the infrastructure to complete the delivery. 

Forwarded to a third party agent

Since DHL doesn’t have the infrastructure to make every other international delivery across all the countries, they usually outsource these packages to other more convenient couriers in the parts lacking strong DHL delivery networks

After all, it won’t make any economic sense for them to deliver a single package at a distant place from their distribution hub. 

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DHL tracking never works anymore

Since it is evident that DHL won’t be the courier responsible to make the final delivery, the tracking page won’t work anymore concerning your package. 

The problem at this point is that even after contacting your local DHL office, they will give you a tracking number that won’t work in showing which third party company has been tasked to handle and deliver your package. 

Ideally and realistically, DHL needs to up their game. There is no point in offering a tracking number that they are sure won’t work on their site to show where exactly the parcel is. 

The other major problem is that even when DHL outsources the delivery process, they don’t include the details of the third party agent’s details on the tracking page. 

As such, the recipients have a single choice – to wait for the final delivery while not knowing who exactly the agent is. 

So, if you find that your package isn’t trackable after DHL hands it over to another carrier, don’t worry as that’s normal. The tracking page will only be trackable after the third party agent delivers your package, and that’s when the automated status of your package will change to “delivered”. 

Some packages forwarded to third party agents delay

Whenever you call DHL after your package was forwarded to a third party agent and ask when you expect the delivery to happen, they usually give you a day. 

The issue is that they overestimate the number of days it will take for the delivery to occur. As a point of reference, it took 3 more days from when a DHL live chat rep my package would be with me. 

It’s great that you manage your expectations when dealing with what some DHL reps tell you. 

As I noted, though, when DHL uses USPS as the agent, no deliveries come late. Smaller courier companies have delayed my outsourced packages for up to 5 days, which was somewhat inconveniencing. 

DHL forwarded to a third party agent: how long does it take?

The time in which delivery takes place to happen after the “forwarded to a third party agent” update varies. It may take a few hours to 5 days for you to receive the package. 

This is dependent on the third party agent engaged to necessitate the delivery, but you can be sure that the delivery time will be short when DHL uses Amazon and USPS. 

In case DHL uses courier companies who haven’t gotten their delivery infrastructure right, then the final delivery is bound to delay.