FedEx Scheduled Delivery Date Pending: The Full Guide

If you regularly use FedEx, you might have seen the dreaded “scheduled delivery date pending” after your package was sent out for delivery. 

This is certainly heartbreaking as what any recipient cares about is getting when exactly their package would be delivered. 

But first things first…

What does the FedEx “Scheduled Delivery Date Pending” Update Mean?

This status means that due to a delay, the package will be delivered past the scheduled delivery date, and FedEx is not in a position to effect another date just yet. 

Under most circumstances, FedEx uses the “Pending” status when the scheduled delivery timeframe elapses. 

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Date Pending

Reasons Why Your FedEx Package Status is Pending

Your Package is Lost

If your package status turned from “out for delivery” to “pending scheduled delivery date,” there is a high chance that it was lost. 

Unfortunately, there have been numerous reports of FedEx Ground packages getting lost as a result of theft from the sub-contracted drivers, and yours might have just fallen prey to that theft. 

The problem is that if yours wasn’t time-sensitive, you might wait for it for weeks and it won’t show up. You can refer to what you can do if your package doesn’t show up soon below. 

Inclement Weather

If there is a FedEx operational delay due to bad weather, that’s genuinely understandable. 

While my package had indicated “out for delivery” from Memphis, it didn’t make it to get delivered on the scheduled date, but fortunately, we were under severe storms, so that was understandable from my side. 

The problem is that FedEx rarely makes a comprehensible update whenever packages are delayed due to a specific problem. It would be best if they included on their tracking page that the package was delayed due to bad weather instead of saying just ‘pending’. 

Of course, I raised the issue with them, but as it seems, it’s still there. My readers keep complaining about it. 

Logistical Delays

Logistical delays such as mechanical breakdowns are mostly unprecedented. 

When your package was set “Out for Delivery,” it’s possible for the delivery truck to develop mechanical problems. Depending on the severity of the failure and if there are other standby trucks to rescue the situation, it can take longer for the problem to be sorted out. 

If FedEx thinks that it’s impossible for them to provide an exact update on when the delivery will be actualized, they will just update the tracking status as, “scheduled delivery date pending.”

The delay at this point might be worse in situations where the truck was involved in an accident as all due measures have to be followed before deliveries get scheduled once more. 

What Do I Do When My Package is Stuck on “Scheduled Delivery Date Pending” for Long?

Contact the Shipper

From our experience, FedEx prioritizes shippers more than recipients when there are complaints about delayed packages. 

Now, if your package is delayed more than you can take, you can reach out to the shipper and ask them to notify FedEx about your predicament. 

When you contact the shipper, they may file a claim, and depending on their policies, they may opt to send you another package as they sort themselves out with FedEx. 

As usual, there are difficult to work with shippers and in such a scenario, you can go through the Credit Card Chargeback way if yours was an online purchase. 

Contact your Local FedEx Station

If, for some reason, you prefer not to talk to the shipper about your package status, you can also get in touch with FedEx, but request to be connected to a Rep in the station where your package was described to have left when “out for delivery.”

Upon calling 1.800.GoFedEx, a Robot will be answering you. At that point, it won’t give you any prompt to speak to a Human Rep, and we recommend that you keep on Pressing ‘Zero’ until you get a hold of a Rep at your local FedEx station. 

From there, you can ask to be forwarded to the Reps of your local station and then ask for more updates on your package status. 

Ask for a Refund 

Assuming you had made an online purchase and you haven’t received your package and you see no hope of it ever getting to you, you can ask for a refund from the vendor. 

Companies that have ‘Money Back Guarantees’ such as eBay offer full refunds in instances where packages don’t reach the recipient. 

If it is a crucial package for you, you can opt to buy it from a different vendor that uses a faster shipping option such as UPS Overnight. 

Be More Patient

Of course, this applies to packages that aren’t time-sensitive. 

There are higher chances of your package showing up even without doing anything and in some circumstances, it will still come to you the next day without any other update on the tracking status. 

When Does a “Pending” Package Get Delivered?

In some incidences where a package in transit had the “pending” scheduled delivery date, recipients report that the package showed up in a day without any other update on the tracking page. 

However, most packages get delivered within an average of two business days, and in some other incidences, packages that had the “scheduled delivery date pending” don’t show up at all.