FedEx Says Delivered But No Package: The Complete Guide 

What do you do when FedEx says delivered but no package has come forth? It’s a query we receive every other week. 

There are many reasons prompting this tracking status and our ultimate guide today seeks to clear the air. 

Reasons Why FedEx Says Delivered But No Package 

FedEx says delivered but no package

The Package was Delivered to the Wrong Address

Due to issues such as the FedEx system wrongly auto-correcting the address, the wrong address provided by the shipper, or the package getting mixed up in a bulk delivery to a different address, FedEx might have actually delivered your package but just not to you. 

If FedEx says your package was delivered but it was not due to the wrong address, it might prompt you to check well, especially if they delivered it to a street with a somewhat similar name as yours or in your neighbor’s house who has the same front door as yours. 

We always recommend that whenever FedEx says they have delivered your package, confirm the proof of the delivery. Is that the picture of your front door? Is that your house?

You can refer to our ultimate guide on how to go about it when they deliver your package to the wrong address

Scanning Error

For a courier with a daily volume of more than 16 Million packages, scanning errors can happen at some point. 

When I had the wrongful “delivered” update from FedEx, I saw it in the morning. I checked my porch and couldn’t see anything. My front cam didn’t show anything either. 

Since it wasn’t a time-sensitive parcel, I decided I would ask for further information from FedEx in my free time. On keeping an eye on the tracking page that evening, it was surprising to find that the package status turned from “delivered” to “out for delivery.”

This obviously meant that it was an issue to do with a scanning error. A little patience to keep an eye on the tracking page might be what you need to have. 

Wrong Marking

Some vendors who have used FedEx at some point note that it’s a common occurrence for their customers to reach out and tell them that the package that was marked as ‘delivered’ was actually not and after say 2 days, it shows up. 

We can deduce that FedEx has gotten a way to sell hope to recipients that they take the least time to deliver packages and that’s seen clearly for recipients who opt not to follow up on their packages but instead decide to wait, or those who have not kept tabs on the tracking page for several days. 

We don’t really see the logic behind FedEx wrongly marking that they have delivered a package and then turning up with it a couple of days later. 

This mostly happens for their clients who pay for two-day shipping, where, FedEx marks the status as delivered on the second day, but they deliver it on the third or 4th day. 

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The Package was Stolen

Each organization certainly has rogue characters and FedEx is no exception. 

Many have complained about some Ground drivers forging signatures and stealing their packages. 

If your package has a signature release, says it was delivered, and checking the proof of delivery shows just a line on the signature box, it implies that there was a signature forgery. 

While at this point, we always recommend to recipients expecting valuable packages to have a signature release in place as that would give you a higher bargaining power when your package gets misdelivered or when the signature was forged. 

Porch pirates are always there, too, and if your package had no signature release, they could be responsible for the theft. If you have a front door camera, you could check and see if any FedEx staff made it to your place. 

If you have no cams around, you can look at the proof of delivery and see if it made it to your preferred spot. This is applicable for package images that aren’t extremely blurry. 

What Do I Do When FedEx Says Delivered But No Package?

Keep Checking the Tracking Page

Since scanning error is one of the reasons why FedEx might say that a package was delivered when it was not, keeping an eye on the tracking page might show where it is. 

You might find that it might still be in transit or even out for delivery and correctly coming your way.

Call FedEx

If the package status doesn’t move from “delivered” in a day, you may safely conclude that it was misdelivered. 

At that point, we recommend that you:

  • Call FedEx via 1.800.GoFedEx
  • Say you would like to speak to a Representative
  • Ask the Rep for the number of the local FedEx station that delivered your package. You need to know your tracking number at this point for better communication.

Notifying your local station about your package that wrongly says it was delivered when it wasn’t will make them act. They could summon the driver who made the delivery to pick it up and get it delivered to your preferred area. 

Even better, you can look for where the responsible driver is stationed and ask them for more details about your package. Going through the local station might make you wait longer than if you went through the driver. 

Report the Missing Package

If you prefer not to call FedEx, you might have to report your package as missing on the tracking page. 

They provide clear instructions on how you can dispute that delivery and you can refer to that guide. 

From what we have gathered around, though, they don’t prioritize looking for missing packages when recipients complain. You can talk with the shipper to complain about the misdelivery and they will act faster than if it were the case of you, the recipient complaining. 

Request a Chargeback

Assuming you had made an online purchase with a Credit Card, FedEx says it was delivered, and the vendor is adamant to follow up to have the package rightfully delivered to you, requesting a chargeback is your best bet at that point. 

After all, the purpose of your making the purchase online was to conveniently receive it at your preferred spot. It would be best for the vendor to carry on with the headache and make FedEx do the honorable thing – delivering the package to you.