FedEx “Out for Delivery” But Not Delivered: The Complete Guide

It’s complete joy for each recipient when they see the, “Out for Delivery” FedEx update until they don’t receive their item at the scheduled date. 

“What then does this update mean and why am I not receiving my package for several days?” You could be asking yourself those questions. Let’s delve deeper. 

What Does FedEx “Out for Delivery” Mean?

This status means that your package has departed in a FedEx truck for delivery or it’s ready to be gotten into a truck that heads towards the final delivery to the recipient. 

From the meaning, we can deduce that the package has left a FedEx destination facility towards the recipient’s address, and this means it will reach the recipient fast and within the scheduled date. 

Secondly, it could mean that the package is ready to be loaded onto a delivery FedEx truck. Now, when a package is ready, it doesn’t mean it’s on its way just yet. 

So, when a package is “out for delivery” as a result of getting ready to be loaded onto a truck may take longer to reach the recipient

FedEx Out for Delivery

FedEx In Transit vs Out for Delivery

FedEx “In Transit”FedEx “Out for Delivery”
– The Package is moving within the FedEX Delivery Network – The Package is in a moving truck for delivery.
– The package is ready to be loaded onto the delivery truck
– The package may be in a truck toward another FedEx facility for sorting before being prepared to be “out for delivery”– The package has gone through the sorting process and is in or will shortly be in a delivery truck
The package might take longer to reach the recipient when they are in the initial “In Transit” processesUnder most circumstances, packages that have gone through the “out for delivery” scan arrive in the same business day or at most 2 days. 

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Why is My Package “Out for Delivery” But Not Delivered for Long?

No Apartment Number Provided

In the first incident when I had the “out for delivery” update for a whole day while waiting for my expensive package, I laid blame on FedEx for the shipper’s fault. 

On calling FedEx, they notified me that they didn’t have my apartment number, making it impossible to make the delivery.

I always make it a point to let shippers include my apartment number. While at it, FedEx could really improve the UX (User Experience) by contacting the recipients for minor issues such as forgotten house numbers, instead of us assuming that it’s an operational delay

All in all, my package was delivered the same day after I told them my house number, which obviously calmed my anxiety. 

Before panicking, be sure to inquire if all the delivery details have been provided any time you see the “out for delivery” update. 

Backed Up Packages

If FedEx sent the “out for delivery” update as a result of the package being ready to be loaded onto one of their delivery trucks, it can happen sometimes that the truck is filled up and there is no space left for your package to fit in. 

In such a scenario, FedEx might forget to update the scan or intentionally fail to update it to keep the recipient hopeful. 

Unfortunately, the next trip might not be the same day. It’s even worse when the next day is a weekend or there is a long holiday. 

In all those moments, the tracking page will show “out for delivery” while your package is sitting at one of the FedEx facilities as they wait for the next trip to be materialized. 

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For a company that delivers over 10 Million packages daily, you can definitely understand that it’s possible for them to face interrupted services due to backlogs. 

In some instances, the delivery staff have more packages than they can deliver due to fatigue or cut-off time. 

When they get overwhelmed, the packages have to stay in the truck overnight for the next day’s delivery. The problem is when the next day is a weekend or there are holidays. 

In these incidences, FedEx will still say that the package is “out for delivery,” which is vague to say the least. 

If only FedEx provided the real updated reasons for delays instead of going the generic way. 

Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems are bound to happen daily and depending on factors such as if there are idle trucks to salvage the problem or the severity of the damage, packages that are out to be delivered can delay for a few more days. 

Of course, minor problems can be fixed in a short while and have the truck up and going while major issues such as Engine Knock can take several hours to be fixed, or in the worst-case scenario several days. 

Major mechanical issues usually get solved by FedEx sending a rescue truck, where the packages have to be emptied into. By the time sorting gets redone for efficient delivery, it can take several hours or a day. 

Unfortunately, FedEx won’t tell recipients that there is a delay due to a truck that was in transit having developed mechanical problems. 

While at that, they still won’t update the tracking page and as such, your package will stay under “out for delivery” but not delivered within your expected timeframe. 

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While FedEx could have actually loaded your package into a truck and gotten the delivery journey started, truck accidents often happen and depending on the severity, delays can happen for longer than expected. 

Police have to process the scene of the accident before the packages in the affected truck get moved into another one. 

That could take a long time and again, the package status may not move, making it even harder to estimate when your item will be there with you. 

Inclement Weather

After scanning that the package is out for delivery, bad weather may still happen before the packages get loaded onto a truck, or in some cases, bad weather can still happen when a truck has already started making deliveries. 

For the safety of the staff and the packages, FedEx might be forced to halt the deliveries until when the weather stays clear once again. 

In moments like these, it could be best if FedEx updated the package statuses with their Weather Shipment Exceptions than letting it stay there under “Out for Delivery”. 

The Package was Sorted into the Wrong Truck

It happens a lot where packages might get sorted into the wrong trucks and find themselves in completely different addresses. 

By the time the delivery staff takes them to the hubs for proper sorting, it might take several days, which is why your package might get delayed. 

How Long does a Package Stay Stuck on “Out for Delivery?”

Depending on the reason why your package is stuck on that update, it normally takes between a day to 7 days to start moving from that status. 

On some rare occasions, though, it can take more than 7 business days for your package to get delivered. 

FedEx Out for Delivery But Scheduled for Next Day: What Does it Mean?

After FedEx readies your package for delivery, they sometimes update that the delivery is scheduled for the next day to mean that due to unavoidable circumstances, the delivery can only happen the next business day. 

This update is mostly sent during the late hours of the day to let the recipient know that their item is ready for pick up the next business day. 

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Today But not Out for Delivery

While FedEx might have scheduled your delivery to happen today, the “out for delivery” scan may not have been updated due to forgotten scanning. While at that, the package might show up during the scheduled date. 

Again, delays such as bad weather, accidents, mechanical problems, or backlogs might have happened, making it impossible for the delivery to happen on the scheduled date. Due to various delays, FedEx might have to scan the package with the “out for delivery” tag and reschedule the delivery date. 

What Do I Do When My Package is Stuck on “Out for Delivery?”

When your package is stuck on “out for delivery” but not delivered, we recommend that you contact FedEx and they will provide more details about where it is.