FedEx “In Transit” Update: The Full Guide

While awaiting my packages from FedEx, I have received tons of updates and one of the most common ones is “In Transit”. 

Now that you are here, you could also be wondering why the scanner sent this update to your tracking page. 

So, first things first…

What Does the FedEx “In Transit” Update Mean?

FedEx In Transit Meaning

The “In Transit” FedEx update means that a package has started its journey coming your way within the stated timeframe unless there are any delays out of FedEx’s control. 

While at it, FedEx sends the “In Transit” update even when the package is in the sorting facility awaiting to be loaded in a truck or aircraft. That said, the “In Transit” update doesn’t mean that the package is already in a truck or aircraft. 

In some occurrences, the package stays on the “In Transit” page for several days, but eventually, it gets delivered within the scheduled delivery date. 

However, it happens sometimes that the package takes way longer than it had been scheduled to reach you for various reasons as we will see below. 

The problem with the confusion?

The “In Transit” FedEx update isn’t as straightforward. Top off everyone’s mind, this update implies that the package is already in a moving truck or aircraft moving towards the recipient’s side. 

FedEx has to up their game here as it makes no sense to say that a package is “In Transit’ while in the real sense, it’s still in the sorting facility awaiting to be taken to the retail location or final destination. 

Common Reasons Why a FedEx Package is Stuck “In Transit”

Custom Delays 

While FedEx might have given your package status “In Transit”, that update can stay unchanged for several days due to customs delays. 

In case the customs officials need more information to clear the package, or there is incomplete paperwork, or there are clearance instructions needed to be adhered to, you might have more days of the “In Transit” update. 

While at it, though, FedEx should always give the correct update on the tracking page. They sometimes leave the status of the package In Transit while in the real sense, they should have updated it to Customs clearance delay. 

Transit Delays

Transit delays are bound to happen and depending on the cause, it might take a few hours to several days to have them addressed. 

In case there are transit delays for long, your package status might stay in the “In Transit” update for a couple of days before the mishap gets corrected. 


It’s not uncommon for backlogs to appear during the holiday seasons and this update along with the Shipping Exception one is the most prevalent in these seasons. 

Since FedEx can say that the package is “In Transit” while it’s still sitting in the sorting facility, it can take longer for the status to change due to the high volumes of goods to the staff ratio. 

By the time they reach your package and load it onto a moving vehicle coming in your direction, it might take longer. In all those days before your package gets loaded to the final delivery vehicle, the status of your package will always be “In Transit”. 

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How Long Does a Package Stay “In Transit”?

A package stays stuck “In Transit” for anywhere between an hour to 10 days depending on the reason. 

For example, if the status was due to a custom delay, it can take up to 10 hours. Conversely, it takes less time, an average of an hour for the “In Transit” update to change to “Out for Delivery”. 

FedEx “In Transit” vs FedEx Out for Delivery

The FedEx “Out for Delivery” update means that a package is already scanned by a FedEx staff and is ready to be loaded on a delivery vehicle while the “In Transit” status update means that a package has begun its journey heading to the destination but it isn’t yet loaded into a moving delivery vehicle or it’s still at the sorting facility. 

What Can I Do If My Package is Stuck in Transit?

In Transit FedEx

We usually recommend that you stay patient at this point as your package will absolutely be delivered. Depending on how fast you need to receive your package, though, you can as well contact FedEx and ask for the way forward. 

FedEx In Transit on Delivery Day: What Do I Do?

If it’s on your scheduled delivery date and FedEx still says “In Transit”, it means that a delay beyond their control happened. This could be a customs delay or inclement weather. 

Since you are supposed to have your package with you on the scheduled delivery date, call FedEx to know more about why your package wasn’t delivered. You can direct the bot to connect you to a human representative for a better response.