Does Canada Post Deliver On Weekends? Read This FIRST!

The question of “Does Canada Post deliver on weekends” is one most of our Canadian readers have asked. 

Contrary to the many blog posts you see claiming that Canada Post doesn’t deliver on weekends, our research shows otherwise as we will illustrate. 

Does Canada Post Deliver Packages On Weekends?

Canada Post delivers packages on weekends but only during their busiest time of the year (from Black Friday to early January). During the low seasons with no backlogs, Canada Post only delivers from Monday to Friday. 

What Kinds Of Packages Does Canada Post Deliver On Weekends?

During the peak holiday season when Canada Post delivers on Saturdays and Sundays, they deliver everything except letters. 

If you are expecting a letter during the holiday season, be sure that you will only receive it in the next business day. 

There’s A Problem With The Confusion

Most of the information on the browsers is misleading as the authors claim that Canada Post only delivers from Monday to Friday. 

To make matters worse, the official Canada Post website claims that they only deliver on business days ONLY, provided such days don’t fall on statutory holidays. 

The problem with such information is that it’s confusing to the recipients. Most of our readers reached out saying that the tracking page showed that their packages had been delivered on a weekend. 

The basis of their argument is that there is no detail showing that Canada Post can actually deliver on a weekend. 

Based on that, I decided to shop for my daughter’s electric scooter on Amazon Canada, and I meant it for a Christmas gift. I separately made other different orders on different days to test whether Canada Post would deliver any of those on either Saturday or Sunday. 

On Friday, December 15, the tracking page showed that the scooter was out for delivery. Upon checking the status on the following day, it showed “Delivered.” I went to the front door and Lo and behold, my daughter’s electric scooter was on the front door on that Saturday. 

In the afternoon of the same day, another package, a helmet showed that it was out for delivery. On Sunday morning, the same thing happened. It was delivered!

Upon checking further on a Canada Post forum, I noted that deliveries on weekends during the holiday seasons have been happening, and mine wasn’t an exception.


Does Canada Post Deliver On Saturday?

Canada Post delivers on Saturdays during peak times post Black Friday to early January. 

Of course, Saturday deliveries don’t happen every other weekend, but only when Canada Post is experiencing backlogs over the holidays. 

Does Canada Post Deliver Packages On Sundays?

When Canada Post is overwhelmed with packages over the holiday season, they deliver packages on Sundays. 

It’s a special case that applies only during the peak holiday season when there are volumes of recipients’ packages to be delivered within a convenient time. 

What Do I Do When I Can’t Find My Package That Was Supposedly Delivered On A Weekend?

If your tracking page shows that your package has been delivered on a weekend, but you can’t see it, chances are that a porch pirate stole it or it was placed in a different position. 

If you live in a complex with more than a single building and more than one lobby/concierge, the package can be delivered to another building. It would be best if you check around first. 

If there’s no sign of seeing your package, we recommend making a complaint to Canada Post. That way, they might check further where they kept your item. If the photo evidence shows that your package was indeed delivered on that weekend, chances are that a porch pirate stole it. Sadly.