DHL Signature Release: The Ultimate Guide

If you live in a safe place, you may opt for DHL to leave your package at your most preferred area without needing anyone to sign that your package was delivered. 

With a DHL signature release in place, you don’t necessarily need to be around to receive your package. 

It’s important for you to note at this point that when you use a No-contact signature release, in case of theft, you are alone and you won’t make any claim to DHL.

What does DHL’s No-Contact Signature Release mean?

A Signature Release clause means that the recipient allows DHL to leave a package at their most convenient place without any signature required to show the delivery happened. 

If you intend to use this contactless delivery option, it’s vital for you to ensure that the delivery destination is safe. 

DHL signature release feature

What do I do if I fail to find my package?

If DHL updates their tracking page that they have delivered your package and you had the “signature release” option in place, you shouldn’t panic. 

Having that clause in place mostly cancels out any probability of having had your package stolen. After all, you must be sure that there is no theft happening in your neighborhood before using it. 

When I first used that option, I didn’t find the package where I expected to. Upon following up with DHL, they surprisingly sent a pic that led me to the weirdest part of my compound I could ever expect. 

So, it’s crucial to go through your compound and check keenly to ascertain that your package really isn’t present. 

Again, DHL makes obvious mistakes and I must call them out here. Even after having specified where I wanted them to keep my package, they didn’t follow what I had instructed them. 

In this second instance, I was home the whole day and my family was also there. Two hours after DHL said that they had delivered my package, it was nowhere to be found. I checked my front and rear door cameras and couldn’t find any sign that we had any delivery staff. 

They had delivered my package to a neighbor in the same house number as I am but in an adjacent estate. Thanks to him, though, he looked for me and handed over my package. Hats off to him! I could have lost my valuables without any hope for a trace. 

Circumstances under which the DHL No Signature Required Option is Crucial 

DHL Signature Release Update

1. When there won’t be anyone available to receive the package

Busyness happens to each of us. 

If you won’t be available to receive your package and there is no one else you can task to receive the package on your behalf, you may opt to use the signature release option to have your parcel delivered regardless of whether you will be available or not. 

Again, you may be present but due to commitments such as meetings find yourself with no time to go and sign for your DHL package. 

Regardless of your schedule, the no signature required delivery feature may come really handy. 

2. Where your neighborhood is safe from theft

If you are convinced that your neighborhood is safe from theft occurrences, you can decide to use the signature release feature. 

It’s, however, crucial for you to note that there are more incidences of porch pirating than ever and as such, be aware that it’s possible to lose your package due to theft regardless of how safe you expect your neighborhood to be. 

What are the reasons to avoid the DHL Signature Release option?

1. A package may be delivered to the wrong address

It happens a lot that packages may be delivered to the wrong delivery addresses and if you have a “no signature required” option in place, tracing it may be impossible. 

This usually happens among neighbors on different streets but with the same house number. 

When Tom, my younger brother had such an occurrence happening, his parcel had been delivered to our neighbor across the street who had the same house number as his. 

The lady mistakenly opened the package before having read the recipient’s details but thankfully, she was kind enough to alert Tom that she had his package. The explanation was that she was also expecting a DHL package and she thought it was hers. 

In an instance where a package lands in the hands of a dishonest neighbor and there was a signature release prompt in place, then there are high chances of one losing their package for good. 

2. Weather is bound to change

While DHL does an incredible job of sealing clients’ parcels, damages can occur when it’s pouring. 

If you had the DHL no signature required option in place, DHL delivery staff may leave your package in the agreed area and you won’t blame them in case there are adverse weather conditions that can damage your parcel. 

3. You admit liability

Safety is sometimes a myth, especially nowadays when there are so many porch pirates. 

When you have the no-contact signature release in place, you will be admitting liability that in case of theft or any damage that happens to your package, DHL won’t be responsible for making any refunds. 

4. You won’t be covered in case of damaged parcels

In case you are expecting highly valuable stuff to be delivered to you, it’s vital for you to ensure that there is a person to inspect and ensure that everything is intact.

While the sender might have packaged everything intact, fragile products may in a rare occurrence break during the shipping or delivery journey. 

With a “DHL no signature required” prompt in place, it means that there won’t be any inspection to be done. In case of any damage having had happened to the package, you won’t have anyone to lay the claim to. 

5. It may be inconvenient at times

It’s yet another time for me to call out DHL. 

If you live in an apartment and you stay upstairs, the DHL delivery staff sometimes ignores the delivery address you provide and decide to even leave your package downstairs in the communal area. 

There really shouldn’t be anything hard in delivering clients’ packages at their preferred areas such as in their front doors as most recipients make it clear that that’s where they want their packages delivered. 

If you have signature released your package, it’s important that you insist on the Notes page and let them know that they should leave your package at the doorstep – NOT Downstairs or at the Communal Area. 

You may have someone pick up the package for you

If you are as anxious as I am, you may have the signature release feature in place, but then have someone close to you receiving the package on your behalf, especially if it’s a case of an expensive parcel. 

To necessitate this, ensure that you follow the DHL truck on the tracking page they provide. That way, you are sure of the stops the truck makes and how many miles further it is from your delivery area. 

When the delivery team is near your preferred delivery spot, you can then alert the other person to wait for it and keep it safe for you. 

Tracking when a DHL truck is out for delivery is also ideal even when you are receiving the package yourself.