DHL says Delivered but No Package: The Ultimate Guide

You are expecting your valuable package and DHL says that they have delivered it but unfortunately, you don’t have it in your possession. 

When I first encountered this problem, I was really pissed off as that was a blatant lie. Why would a company entrusted by a seller claim to have delivered my parcel yet it wasn’t the case?

It’s deeply disheartening for sure. If you have received that update, though, don’t worry as we are going to address the “DHL says delivered but no package” update to its entirety. Read on for all the details, will you?

Reasons for the “Delivered” but no package update

DHL says delivered but no package

There is no signature needed for your package

Most of us tend to stay private lives but for some reason, that may work against us when DHL deliveries are concerned. 

If you love your packages to be delivered even without you being present, a family member, or a neighbor, then you can set your info to leave out the “signature required” prompt. 

With that prompt in place, you allow DHL to keep your package at a designated point and to be left there regardless of whether there is a person or not. 

Unfortunately, your package is susceptible to theft when left unattended. 

While the DHL’s tracking page may show the package to have been delivered, you may fail to ever get it regardless of if the actual delivery has occurred. 

To some extent, I blame DHL here. They ought to improve their UX and one of the ideal ways to prove their deliveries is by taking a picture showing where they kept a package and uploading it on the tracking page. 

The package was delivered but stolen

Package theft is a rampant issue and unfortunately happens most of the time. I will still blame DHL here as they sometimes lie. 

DHL has always kept my packages in front of my front door and I, unfortunately, lost one in my most recent delivery. The problem is that they don’t update the tracking page with where exactly they kept the package (for instance, in front of the front door).

Even when they keep it next to the door, they always claim to have handed over my package to a “resident” when I am certain enough that there are no residents available around. 

After going through my front door surveillance camera, I determined that my package was indeed stolen. After calling DHL, they insisted that they had delivered the package to a resident. No If’s, And’s, or But’s, those kinds of lies suck. 

A scanning mistake happened

This mistake should never happen with a huge company such as DHL but unfortunately, it still does. 

My neighbor stays in the same house number as I do, but in a different, yet close estate. 

When DHL insisted that they had delivered my package, I went around my neighbors’ houses and found the package in a neighbor’s house who had the same house number as mine. 

This was certainly a scanning mistake, but I at the very least had a happy ending – receiving my package in perfect shape after the two-day frustration. 

The package was delivered to the wrong address

Just like a scanning mistake can lead to delivery to the wrong person, deliveries to the wrong addresses also happen to DHL deliveries. 

This could be emanating from a simple procedure such as misspelling a name or if the recipient had used a single name in their package and DHL forgot to ask for clarification on the address. 

In such a scenario, it might not necessarily be a DHL issue but also a name misspelling. 

What can you do when DHL says delivered but no package is in your possession?

Contact the seller

Even before contacting DHL and letting them know that their tracking package has offered the wrong delivery information, we recommend that you get in touch with the seller first. 

This was helpful to me the moment I was expecting a phone I had bought abroad. I contacted the seller and asked them to open a claim with DHL. 

DHL has to confirm with the seller that they have delivery proof. One way to have DHL proofing delivery is by getting in touch with the recipient and asking for a statutory declaration. 

At that point, the recipient needs to prove that they didn’t receive the package and that they don’t even know who signed the package. 

After that declaration and DHL has confirmed that they can’t prove whom they gave your package, DHL’s insurance will pay for that undelivered package.

If you had provided a “signature release authorization” though, and the package had been signed against, then you may be at a loss since you have already taken over the risk of a package getting damaged or lost. 

It’s important for you to be updated that there are some unscrupulous sellers who tend to push customers toward opening claims with DHL. NEVER accept this liability since it’s the seller who has a contract with DHL and not you.

Contact DHL

While you aren’t in a contract with DHL, it’s also great that you get in touch with them AFTER notifying the sender that your package didn’t get to you. 

This is a way to push DHL further to trace your package as the sender may take longer to open a claim with DHL. 

Confirm with your neighbors

As we mentioned above, issues such as scanning mistakes and wrong delivery addresses do happen every other time. 

If DHL’s tracking page shows that your package was delivered or had a delivery attempt but it’s not in your possession, you can as well decide to check with your neighbors if you prefer to start by that route before getting in touch with the sender or DHL. 

If there is no signature required, DHL staff may actually leave your package with your neighbors or residents but then “forget” or rather fail to notify you. 

Again, if your house number is similar to one of your neighbors but in a different estate, the mistake that they could deliver to a different house with the same house number as yours could happen. 

If, after checking with your neighbor and determining that they actually had your parcel, you may opt to not make a claim with DHL.