DHL Is Struggling As Express Workers Go On Strike

It’s that frenzied time of the year when package delivery companies get extremely overwhelmed, and a strike is the worst they can endure. 

Sadly for recipients expecting their packages from DHL, everything screams of delayed deliveries spanning two weeks or more owing to the striking 1100 DHL employees operating at CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport). 

What makes the matter worse is that there are growing sympathy strikes as thousands of DHL drivers are in solidarity with the striking employees. 

Quick Update: The CVG Strike Has Ended!

Why Is DHL On Strike?

Terrible Working Conditions

From our interactions with some of the intrigued DHL employees, they let us know that terrible working conditions such as long working hours, using broken equipment, and working in dim areas were the leading reasons why they decided to strike as of December 7, 2023. 

When we contacted DHL, they claimed they were operating at full capacity and disregarded that their employees, especially the new organization members were working under terrible conditions. 

What we know right now is that while DHL isn’t turning down any new shipments, timely deliveries aren’t happening, and in the worst-case scenario, many recipients have reported their packages to have been lost. 

Due to the strike, recipients’ freights have been held on the tarmac in Cincinnati, and these are getting diverted to the other service points, where the packages will get handed over to 3rd party carriers to make the last-mile deliveries. This explains why there are so many package delays this December. 

Unfair Contracts

DHL employees keep fighting for fair contract terms, but the company keeps shutting them down. 

In fact, Teejaaay, one of the DHL employees working as a ramp agent confessed that while DHL opted for backup plans, things are still hectic. This is to show that instead of DHL working fast to resolve the issue of contracts, they opted to go for backup plans. 

Teejaaay also confirmed that due to the strike, freight is sitting on the DHL ramp for longer hours or days as it awaits outbound flights to pick them up. 

As more freight keeps on accruing, DHL and recipients will feel more pinch as delayed packages will be the norm. This is of course regardless of the last-minute shuffling of flights or staffing efforts. 

This issue of contracts has taken a new direction after the striking of the local 100 Cincinnati Ohio workers. Most DHL union workers have sworn that they won’t cross the picket line until their colleagues from Ohio get their contracts honored. 

Unfair Labor Practices

There are multiple complaints at DHL where promotions don’t get done depending on one’s skill. Popularity contest seems to be the order of the day, making this an unfair labor practice. 

Again, if the bosses don’t love you as much, it’s hard to receive timely information about better job openings or any other general information helpful to the employee. 

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What Do I Do When My DHL Package Is Delayed As A Result Of The Strike?

Contact The Shipper

Since you are the shipper’s client and not DHL’s, communicating with them to ensure a seamless final delivery is inevitable. 

After all, they are responsible until you receive your package, so they can carry on with the hassle of getting in touch with DHL to ensure that you receive your package. 

We only recommend contacting DHL if yours wasn’t a case of an online purchase. From our experience, though, DHL never does much to help the recipient. 

Be More Patient 

If yours isn’t a time-sensitive package, we recommend that you be more patient as solutions from workers’ strikes don’t take so long to be provided.