DHL “Close Bag” Status Meaning

When tracking a DHL package, you might come across the term “Close Bag.”

Understanding what this means can help you better track your package and anticipate its arrival.

What Does Close Bag Mean DHL?

The “Close Bag” status in DHL tracking refers to a step in the sorting and transportation process, particularly for small-sized, letter-like goods. DHL packs these small items into larger bags for transport. Once a bag is filled to the top, it gets closed or tied, resulting in the “Close Bag” status update on the tracking system.

While your individual package inside the bag might not be specifically scanned during transit, the bag itself gets a package label and is scanned on its way to the destination country.

As a result, when you see this status update, it signifies that your package is within one of these filled bags and is moving through the shipping process.

Knowing this, you can feel confident that your package is progressing toward its ultimate destination. The “Close Bag” status does not require any action on your part but provides necessary reassurance that your package is en route and will be arriving in due course.

what does close bag mean dhl

Why Is My Package Stuck On “Close Bag?”

Missed Scan

After the full bag containing your package has reached the destination country, it’s possible for your package to miss getting scanned when the other parcels go through the same process.

In the circumstances where this happens, it has everything to do with the package getting lost in the conveyor machine. Again, it’s possible for DHL staff to mistakenly hold together two such parcels owing to their small size.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for such mistakes to be realized and such packages get on the way to be scanned sooner than later.

Due to missed scans, too, the package might actually end up showing up on your door as many have reported on the DHL subreddit.

Transit Delays

Scan delays and especially for international shipments happen all the time due to logistical issues.

See, the bag will have to go to the destination country where it will be opened and each package will pass through customs for inspection.

Depending on how backed up the customs facilities are, it might take longer before the status gets updated. Since this isn’t on DHL, package delays could span several more days.

You Used the DHL eCommerce Option

Since the eCommerce option is the cheapest DHL option, they don’t prioritize packages using this plan, which is why it can even take up to a month to receive your package.

If you have used the DHL e-commerce plan and your package status is stuck on “Close Bag,” know that it’s a matter of DHL prioritizing Expedited Max and International Express shipping options before they take care of yours.

What Do I Do When My Package Is Stuck In DHL Close Bag?

Contact DHL If You Had Paid for Priority Shipments

If you had used a DHL premium option, you may need to ask them about what’s happening with your package, especially when it has been delayed to come as of the estimated delivery date.

It can only make sense when you receive the service synonymous with what you paid for. You get what you pay for, right?

Contact the Shipper

Since it’s the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that you receive your package on time, contacting them to file the claim about your delayed package might just do the trick.

Of course, we recommend that you follow this path if you have not paid for any premium DHL shipping option.

Contacting DHL when you have used the eCommerce option will more likely than not get your messages ignored. After all, you are the shipper’s client. The shipper is DHL’s client and is responsible for ensuring that you receive your package on the stipulated day and time.


  • When you receive this tracking status, don’t think it’s only your package in the said bag.
  • Since small-sized packages might get lost easily when they get transported per piece, they have to be bundled together to make it more convenient and safer for each to reach the intended recipient.
  • When these small-sized packages fill up a bag, it’s when you will see the “close bag” tracking status. So basically, and as we have said up there, the full bag in which your package has been kept is what gets scanned.
  • Don’t worry that your package might end up getting lost. There have been little to no complaints about packages that were accorded this tracking status getting lost.
  • It’s crucial for you to note that after that bag has received the package label, all the parcels inside will get the status at the same time. Importantly, note that this label is only provided when the full bag is on the way to the destination country.