Delivery Exception FedEx: The Ultimate Guide

As you await your FedEx delivery, it’s normal to receive different updates, and “delivery exception” happens to be one of the most common updates we currently see today. 

The problem though, is that this is a vague update as it doesn’t necessarily let you know what exactly happened with it. 

So, what does it mean? Our ultimate guide on this hereby clarifies the needful details you may need to know. 

What does a FedEx Delivery Exception Update mean?

A “delivery exception” update from FedEx means that due to unprecedented circumstances, there is a temporary delay that can cause recipients to fail to receive their packages at their expected delivery window. 

6 Reasons for a Delivery Exception FedEx update

Delivery Exception Fedex

There are many unavoidable circumstances that can make you receive a delivery FedEx exception. Some of the primary causes include:

1. Adverse weather conditions 

FedEx absolutely has no control over what the weather turns as of a specific time. 

In our previous blog post about shipment weather delay update, we said that inclement weather was the culprit. However, under most and normal circumstances, that update is received when a package is on a plane and in a different country. 

In the case of where a package has reached a FedEx local distribution center and there are adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, and snow, or when the road is extremely foggy, FedEx mostly sends the “delivery exception” update. 

When you receive this update and it’s associated with the weather, just know that the package isn’t so far from you and FedEx will attempt to deliver your package shortly after the weather becomes clear enough. 

2. Mechanical problems

It’s normal for delivery vehicles to develop mechanical problems. The problem is that while the vehicle might have actually come from a service center, you may find a different problem occurring altogether. 

The engine may knock, the steering and suspension may malfunction, or drivers could encounter flat tires or tire blowouts. FedEx sometimes categorizes mechanical issues as operational delays.

In any of these scenarios, a qualified mechanic has to come on board and sort out the problem before the delivery vehicle proceeds with the daily errands. 

Since there is a no one-size-fits-all mechanical problems, the time it takes to sort out any of these problems varies and you may find fixing a problem such as a knocked engine taking longer than expected. 

As FedEx tries to do their best to sort out a mechanical problem, it’s common for them to send out a “delivery exception” status update. By the time the fixing happens or a replacement vehicle is sent to be loaded with the packages from the stalled vehicle, delivery delays are bound to happen. 

3. Strikes

Staff may strike at any time of the day and when they do, the automated update “delivery exception” is sent out to the affected clients. 

Since it’s impossible for FedEx management to always know when staff is bound to strike, this is an unavoidable circumstance that can happen and delay clients’ deliveries. 

The time in which the standstill will be solved varies, which means a delivery may delay from an hour or a couple to several days. 

4. Natural disasters

Some natural disasters aren’t necessarily associated with the weather. 

When there are tornadoes, floods, or ice storms, it’s hard to maneuver through such in an attempt to make a delivery. 

When such happens, FedEx usually updates the clients that they have an exception for delivery or a there is a Shipment Exception FedEx delay. 

It can take up to a few days to have natural disasters stabilizing, which is why it’s hard to know when exactly that delay will end. 

At moments like these, reaching out to FedEx won’t be specifically helpful as they have no actual assurance on when everything goes back to normal. What I noticed when I had such a delay due to earthquakes was that they tried to offer as much hope as possible without knowing the “when” factor. After all, they do their best not to anger the client after showing uncertainty. 

5. Technical problems

Technical issues happen all the time in delivery facilities and FedEx is no exception. 

When scanning or sorting equipment develops problems, it’s easy for deliveries to delay until the problems get solved. 

Unfortunately, these problems are almost always unavoidable as the equipment is bound to fail every other day. 

The good thing, though, is that these problems don’t take long to be solved and when they are, deliveries happen swiftly. 

6. Driver’s laxity

Yes, this happens. 

You might be home the whole day waiting to sign against your package. You may also have cams around your house but then later on get a delivery exception update that no one was available at home. 

The problem is that you may ask for redelivery which never comes until you decide to go and self-pick your valuables.

You can go through this thread and see how some drivers lie due to laxity and not necessarily confusion. 

FedEx certainly needs to improve on this as it’s unethical to lay the blame on the client when it’s indeed their staff who have not been on their best behavior. 

What can I do after receiving the Delivery Exception FedEx update?

FedEx Delivery Exception Update

If your FedEx tracking page shows a delivery exception for more than a day and you don’t think the weather is inclement or there are any natural disasters that can disrupt normal delivery schedules, you can contact FedEx to know about the status of your package. 

This is, especially helpful when you were expecting an urgent package as notifying them will have induced them to prioritize your package. 

If their distribution hub is near you and feels that the urgency of when you need to receive your parcel is crucial, you can then be sure to self-pick (which beats the logic of using a carrier, though). 

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Delivery exception FedEx future delivery requested meaning

If after expanding the “delivery exception” update you see “future delivery requested”, then know that there are many reasons associated with this update. 

One of the primary reasons why this happens is when the recipient requests the FedEx driver to deliver at a specific time. 

For example, if your delivery was scheduled to happen on Monday but then you will have an off day on Wednesday and opt to have the delivery done when you will be around, then the status of the delivery exception graduates to “future delivery requested.” 

Secondly, a shipper, for some reason can decide to request FedEx to deliver a package on a certain date. When that happens and it wasn’t FedEx’s original idea, then on the tracking page, FedEx uses the “future delivery” suggested update. 

When the recipient or the shipper asks FedEx to send a product at a specific date and time, they always strive to accomplish the mission and it’s even better when there are many packages heading to the same delivery location.