Delivery Attempt Could Not be Completed Meaning [DHL]

DHL has tons of delivery updates and one of the recent most common ones is “delivery attempt could not be completed”.

This is by all measures of standards a vague update as DHL never bothers to mention the exact reason why the delivery couldn’t be completed. 

When I received such an update, DHL went on to say that “You were not home”. What’s sadder is that I had stayed at home the whole day in my home office and didn’t notice any of their presence around my house. 

Basically, they were blaming me for the incompleted delivery attempt yet it was clearly not my fault – I had waited for them the whole day!

Did you also receive this update? Well, this ultimate guide hereby clarifies what that means and what you can do to receive your package faster. 

What does the “delivery attempt could not be completed” DHL update mean?

This DHL update means that the driver wasn’t punctual enough to deliver the package to the recipient in time and ended up missing the delivery window. However, since DHL already is in possession of your package and knows that it didn’t make it to you, they usually try to re-deliver. 

Primary reasons why a DHL delivery attempt was incomplete

1. The driver missed the delivery window

When a DHL driver misses the delivery window, you can be sure that you will receive the dreaded “delivery attempt couldn’t be completed”. 

There are tons of reasons why a driver can fail to make a delivery within the right window, including laxity. Some other reasons why the delivery period can be missed include adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems, and high traffic. 

What I have gathered around about when the delivery window is missed as a result of a lazy driver/delivery team is that they often say that the recipient wasn’t at home. Providing such feedback to the company is a sure path that there won’t be lots of follow-ups on the recipient’s side. Otherwise, saying they are responsible for the miss would land them into trouble. 

Blaming the client when indeed the delivery is missed by laxity is certainly unethical. Nevertheless, I have had above 95% successful deliveries but it’s impossible to fail to speak out about delivery teams that blame the client and fail to perform their tasks to the letter. 

2. Incomplete/wrong address

There are not many DHL clients who fail to give complete addresses and as such, this reason applies to a negligible number. 

Now, when the address provided to DHL is incomplete, they may end up delivering to the wrong address. 

When they don’t find the right recipient for the address, the status of the package will be that the delivery attempt failed to be completed. 

3. There is no access to the delivery point

Again, this is a minor reason as most clients will be aware of the status of the access codes leading to the delivery locations.

However, recipients can forget that there could be a locked porch or a blocked access code. 

In the case of these happening, then DHL would certainly let you know that that delivery attempt failed to be completed. 

What to do in case a DHL Delivery Attempt Could’nt be Completed

1. Organize for pick up if reasonable

This is well-applicable if you are near a DHL distribution center and the package you were expecting is taking longer to reach you the next day. 

This is certainly inconvenient as the primary reason to use a courier company such as DHL is to deliver your package to your doorstep, but then it beats logic to stay even further inconvenienced waiting for more than 2 days for a package that you can self-pick. 

It’s more logical to suffer wasting a couple of minutes to pick up your valuable package than have your mind clogged about a delay. 

2. Contact DHL

If you are not near a DHL distribution center and you need your package urgently yet it has been delayed further, it’s better for you to contact DHL customer service to ask about its status. 

That way, you may speed up them to prioritize your delivery, especially when you are at the end of a DHL delivery route. 

What can DHL do to solve this problem?

As an active DHL client, I can confidently nod that DHL hasn’t been on its best behavior when it comes to seamless deliveries. 

One of the ways they can do to minimize the “delivery attempt couldn’t be completed” update is by providing automated updates on where clients’ packages are. In such a scenario, they won’t make mistakes such as blaming the clients by telling them that they were not home yet they possibly spent their off days awaiting their deliveries. 

Again, using double-tiered systems for clients to choose from depending on the urgency they need to receive their packages would work perfectly as this would reduce the certainty of “fast deliveries” which are unreal and piss off the clients. 

Lastly, DHL needs to ensure that delivery areas that have a high volume of clients get more delivery vans and more competitive teams. Some drivers are certainly unethical and especially on Friday evenings. Some wish to just go home and relax for the weekend after marking “delivery attempt could not be completed.”