FedEx Package Delivered to Wrong Address: The Complete Guide

As a regular FedEx user, you can realize that one of your packages was delivered to wrong address. 

Again, FedEx can deliver a package that belongs to someone else to you. In all these instances, what are the reasons? How can I make the package reach me or the right owner faster? 

Our ultimate guide today seeks to clear the air about this confusion we witness every other time. 

What are the Reasons for FedEx to Deliver A Package to the Wrong Address?

The Package Might Have Been Mixed in a Bulk Delivery

This mostly happens for packages getting delivered to companies. 

For instance, if yours was a laptop and it’s in the same truck with laptops heading to some organization, it might get mixed up there when the FedEx delivery staff assume it was a bulk delivery. 

In such a scenario, the receptionist or the front office staff might unknowingly sign for it, and that could freak you out. 

This is more of a FedEx staff error, than the signee’s, but thankfully, retrieving packages that have been wrongly delivered to offices and companies takes a short time. 

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The System Auto-corrected the Address

System flaws are always there and it’s not always the fault of the driver when they deliver a package to the wrong address. 

System auto-corrections mostly happen for addresses that have somewhat similar street names. For instance, a package heading to Lake CT might be auto-corrected to Lake Dr. and have your package getting delivered around 0.5 miles from where you are. 

Misdeliveries that happen due to system auto-corrections get sorted faster unless another driver covers for a day off the next day. 

Another issue to do with FedEx machines erroneously working is that they can’t plot the addresses correctly, especially for the streets that are near each other. 

If FedEx wrongly delivers your package to the same street more than once, we recommend that you contact your local FedEx station to have them update your details. 

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The Shipper Provided The Wrong Delivery Address

We all make mistakes at some point, and your package getting delivered to the wrong address as a result of incorrect delivery details is bound to happen. 

To begin with, you can log in to your account and check if your shipping details are correct. 

Again, confirm from the receipt if it had your correct shipping address. If these two are correct, the shipper can check whether the tracking number provided to you has your right address.

Reconfirmation can lead to you knowing it’s the fault of the shipper where they might have placed the wrong shipping label on the wrong order. 

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What Do I Do When FedEx Delivered My Package to The Wrong Address?

Contact Your Local FedEx Station

FedEx uses LEO Devices to drop GPS whenever they deliver packages. They also take pics of the packages when they make any delivery. 

This is to say that the FedEx staff knows where any package is. 

If yours has been delivered to the wrong address, contacting the local station is one of the greatest ways to know where it is. 

Since you may not have the contact details for the FedEx station near you:

  • Call FedEx via 1.800.GoFedEx
  • Say you would like to speak to a Representative
  • Ask the Rep for the number of the local FedEx station that delivered your package to the wrong address. You need to know your tracking number at this point for better communication.

When you talk to the local station, ask them for the address to which they delivered your package to. That way you may self-pick your package, otherwise waiting for FedEx to retrieve and bring the package to you might take even up to a week.

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Call Your Local FedEx ShipCenter

When FedEx delivered my package to the wrong address, calling my local ShipCenter did the magic and I believe it will for yours, too. 

By a ShipCenter, we mean the third-party FedEx shipping brokers and not the Local FedEx station. ????

To find your local ShipCenter, you can contact a simple search on your browser, “FedEx ShipCenter Near Me”.

Providing your package’s tracking details will help the brokers to retrieve where your package is, and you can then tell them the correct address where you want it to be delivered. 

If finding a ShipCenter broker near you is a challenge, we recommend that you: 

  • Call FedEx via 1.800.GoFedEx
  • Ask to talk to a Customer Representative
  • Say that you have a missing page
  • Enter your tracking number or door tag
  • Prompt for a live Customer Rep Agent
  • Ask to speak to a Customer Service Assistant at the ShipCenter, where, you will tell them to retrieve the package and send it to the right address. 

Contact the Shipper

If your shipper set up and paid for the package to be sent to you, you can let them know that FedEx delivered your package to the wrong address. 

This is especially helpful in incidences where the shipper provided the wrong shipping details for your package. 

They will have to get in touch with FedEx for the tracing and retrieval of your package, which will save you from so many headaches about your missing package.

Depending on their policy, they can opt to refund you or send a replacement package as they follow up their case with FedEx.

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File a Police Report

Sometimes, some wrongful signees prefer to keep packages when they are darn sure they can’t be theirs in the first place. 

Again, it happens that FedEx doesn’t help sometimes no matter how many times you insist that your package got missing from the wrong address.

It’s even sadder when the package is irreplaceable and no refund is acceptable. 

Filing a police report will make the cops let the relevant FedEx driver help them investigate and retrieve the package that was signed for while having been delivered to the wrong delivery address. 

File a Chargeback 

If yours was an online order and following the other processes to receive your package didn’t bear any fruits, filing a chargeback with your credit card company might move the needle to get your money bank. 

Filing a claim with FedEx to refund you might not work as they prefer dealing with the shipper as opposed to the recipient. 

FedEx Package Delivered to Wrong Address, Can I Keep It?

If FedEx delivered someone else’s package to your wrong address, we recommend that you don’t keep it to yourself. 

Since some shippers include the recipients’ phone numbers on the shipping labels, you can call the right recipient and let them that their package was delivered to your address. 

If there is no phone number you can call, you may contact the local FedEx station near you to let them know that they should pick it back and deliver it to the intended recipient. If the local station is near you, can also do the honorable job to take it back to them. 

In any case, keeping a package that doesn’t belong to you even when it was delivered to your address is akin to larceny. You’d rather take that mislaid property to a police station than keep it for yourself.