“Delivered, Parcel Locker” USPS Tracking Update: The Full Guide

While expecting a package from USPS, you might have seen, “Delivered, Parcel Locker.” 

Upon checking, you might realize that there is no package in your mailbox. Where might it be? What does this update even mean? 

Since you are here, you are asking yourself a ton of questions. We endeavor to make this the end of your search, so read on for the finer details. 

What Does It Mean When USPS Says Delivered To A Parcel Locker?

The “Delivered, parcel locker” tracking status means that the USPS staff couldn’t access the front door of your house or apartment, and they left your package in a parcel locker for you to safely pick it up. 

Basically, a USPS parcel locker is a larger metallic/plastic box with several mailboxes in it. The main reason why they leave a package in the parcel locker and not in the recipient’s mailbox is that that parcel can’t fit in a single mailbox. 

To pick up your package, USPS leaves the Parcel Locker’s key in your mailbox with more details on a sheet of paper. 

If you are wondering why you sometimes receive your package in your front door, in your mailbox, or in the parcel locker, it’s mostly to do with your package size and accessibility to your house/apartment. 

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Why Didn’t I Find My Package In The Parcel Locker? 

Many of our readers who had the “Delivered to a parcel locker” status let us know that they didn’t find their packages in their mailbox or the parcel locker. 

If you are going through the same challenge, don’t worry as you will end up receiving your package in good time. 

These are the crucial reasons why your package isn’t in the parcel locker even when the USPS tracking page shows so:

Incorrect Scanning

As is with everything, nothing is perfect in this world and so is USPS tracking. 

As the USPS staff scan packages, there are a series of commands involved such as forwarding the package, recipient holding, or where the package will be left (think of the front door, with a recipient at the address, or in the parcel locker).

Since there are consistent upgrades to the USPS systems, confusion is bound to happen, making tracking susceptible to incorrect details. 

Due to incorrect tracking, some recipients have ended up complaining that they don’t even have parcel lockers around their apartments or houses. 

Thankfully, USPS carriers use GPS scans when they make deliveries, and retrieving your package that has been incorrectly scanned doesn’t take long. 

A Mailman Wants To Stop The Countdown

As much as this sounds shady, one of the USPS mailmen confessed that they use this status to stop the clock on how long it can take for the final delivery to be necessitated. 

When this happens, it’s so much to do with a carrier who doesn’t feel to be in a position to complete his route. Showing the package to have been delivered to a parcel worker is their way to avoid problems due to not having completed hois route. 

Since the package is still in the truck, they mostly strive to make the delivery the following business day before the recipient starts panicking. 

What Should I Do When My Package Status Stays Stuck On, “Delivered, Parcel Locker?”

We find visiting the local post office to be the most efficient thing to do when your package is stuck at “delivered to a parcel locker.”

When you alert the post office, they geo-locate where the last delivery scan was made, making it easier for you to receive your package. 

If, for some reason, you can’t go to your local post office, we recommend that you let the shipper know that your package wasn’t delivered as purported. That way, they can liaise with USPS to know more about the status of your package. 


  • When USPS says that a package was delivered to a parcel locker, they mean that it couldn’t fit in the recipient’s mailbox, and so it had to be safely kept in a safer and fitting box
  • The delivery staff leaves a key to the parcel locker in the recipient’s mailbox, where they can pick up their package, and leave the key in the parcel locker
  • When your package that was said to have been left in the parcel locker isn’t there, it might be an issue to do with incorrect scanning or a driver that couldn’t complete his route on time
  • When your package is stuck on that update, contact the local post office to get where the delivery scan was made and retrieve it. You can also work with the shipper to liaise with USPS to ensure that your package makes it to you.