International Shipment Release – Import [FedEx]: The Full Guide

International shipment release - import

While expecting a FedEx package from overseas, it’s not uncommon to see the status, “International shipment release – import” on your tracking page.  Sadly, this is a vague update, and unless you know the finer details, it’s daunting to know where your package is stuck.  First things first… What Does International Shipment Release – Import … Read more

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Date Pending: The Full Guide

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Date Pending

If you regularly use FedEx, you might have seen the dreaded “scheduled delivery date pending” after your package was sent out for delivery.  This is certainly heartbreaking as what any recipient cares about is getting when exactly their package would be delivered.  But first things first… What does the FedEx “Scheduled Delivery Date Pending” Update … Read more

Package “Arrived at FedEx Location?” The Full Guide

Arrived at FedEx Location

If you regularly use FedEx for your international shipments, chances are that you are familiar with the term, “Arrived at FedEx Location.” One of the most common problems recipients face when the tracking status says so is that the package might stay stuck there for several days before it starts moving again.  But first things … Read more

FedEx Says Delivered But No Package: The Complete Guide 

FedEx says delivered but no package

What do you do when FedEx says delivered but no package has come forth? It’s a query we receive every other week.  There are many reasons prompting this tracking status and our ultimate guide today seeks to clear the air.  Reasons Why FedEx Says Delivered But No Package  The Package was Delivered to the Wrong … Read more

FedEx “In Transit” Update: The Full Guide

In Transit FedEx

While awaiting my packages from FedEx, I have received tons of updates and one of the most common ones is “In Transit”.  Now that you are here, you could also be wondering why the scanner sent this update to your tracking page.  So, first things first… What Does the FedEx “In Transit” Update Mean? The … Read more

Shipment Exception FedEx: The Ultimate Guide

Shipment Exception FedEx Meaning

If you use FedEx regularly, then you know that there are tons of package status updates to keep up with.  One of the most common ones is the Shipment Exception FedEx update. So, what does it mean? What do I need to do to solve it?  FedEx Shipment Exception Meaning The “Shipment Exception” update means … Read more

Delivery Exception FedEx: The Ultimate Guide

Delivery Exception Fedex

As you await your FedEx delivery, it’s normal to receive different updates, and “delivery exception” happens to be one of the most common updates we currently see today.  The problem though, is that this is a vague update as it doesn’t necessarily let you know what exactly happened with it.  So, what does it mean? … Read more

Shipment Exception Weather Delay FedEx: The Ultimate Guide

Shipment Exception Weather Delay FedEx

FedEx has different updates to describe their delivery delays and “shipment exception weather delay” happens to be one of the many.  In our previous article about FedEx Operational Delay, we didn’t mention the weather as one of the causes as we knew that would be dedicated to an article of its own.  So, what is … Read more