DHL Signature Release: The Ultimate Guide

DHL signature release feature

If you live in a safe place, you may opt for DHL to leave your package at your most preferred area without needing anyone to sign that your package was delivered.  With a DHL signature release in place, you don’t necessarily need to be around to receive your package.  It’s important for you to note … Read more

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DHL says Delivered but No Package: The Ultimate Guide

DHL says delivered but no package

You are expecting your valuable package and DHL says that they have delivered it but unfortunately, you don’t have it in your possession.  When I first encountered this problem, I was really pissed off as that was a blatant lie. Why would a company entrusted by a seller claim to have delivered my parcel yet … Read more

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DHL Forwarded to a Third Party Agent: The Complete Guide

Forwarded to a third party agent DHL

If you frequently use DHL as your courier choice, you might have encountered the “forwarded to a third party agent” update.  The problem is that there is not much reliable information on what this update means or what needs to be done for the delivery process to seamlessly go on.  As someone who has received … Read more

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Customs Status Updated DHL: The Ultimate Guide

DHL customs status updated

As you wait for DHL to deliver your international package, it’s normal for you to receive tons of updates.  One of the most common updates I have seen since I started using DHL more than 12 years ago is “customs status updated”.  What does this update mean? Is there anything I need to do to … Read more

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Shipment on Hold DHL: The Ultimate Guide

DHL shipment on Hold

I used to have a seamless shipping experience with DHL until they started having many unexplainable updates such as “shipment on hold”.  The problem is that DHL simply never cares to state the reason why the shipment has been held, and they leave it to the client assuming that they will stay tight and wait … Read more

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Delivery Attempt Could Not be Completed Meaning [DHL]

Delivery Attempt Could not be Completed

DHL has tons of delivery updates and one of the recent most common ones is “delivery attempt could not be completed”. This is by all measures of standards a vague update as DHL never bothers to mention the exact reason why the delivery couldn’t be completed.  When I received such an update, DHL went on … Read more

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Customs Clearance Status Updated Meaning [DHL]

Customs Clearance Status Updated

I have been using DHL for 12 years now and there are many updates I have received to date. One of the most recent common ones is, “Customs clearance status updated. Note – The Customs clearance process may start while the shipment is in transit to the destination.“ The last time I encountered this was … Read more

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DHL Clearance Event: The 2023 Ultimate Guide

DHL clearance event

I have seamlessly been using DHL as my logistics company for 12 years now until one day I received a “clearance event” update.  What could that even mean? I started scourging the web looking for the meaning and solutions but unfortunately didn’t find any meaningful responses.  If you are going through trying to understand what … Read more

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