What Does “Scanned Into Sack/Container” Mean? [DHL]

Screenshot of scanned into sack/container status

While using DHL eCommerce, one of the most common tracking statuses we see is, “Scanned into sack/container.”  What does that even mean? Why is my package stuck on this update for several days? Is there anything you could do about it?  For these, and many more details, cozy in as we get started. What Does … Read more

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DHL Is Struggling As Express Workers Go On Strike

DHL Express Workers Strike

It’s that frenzied time of the year when package delivery companies get extremely overwhelmed, and a strike is the worst they can endure.  Sadly for recipients expecting their packages from DHL, everything screams of delayed deliveries spanning two weeks or more owing to the striking 1100 DHL employees operating at CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport).  … Read more

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Arrived at DHL Sort Facility: The Full Guide

Arrived at DHL Sort Facility

When I had my first “Arrived at DHL Sort Facility” update on the DHL’s tracking page, it was really disheartening to me as this was a time-sensitive package.  No one had initially talked about this update and that made it worse as I felt I was all alone.  While I was not a first-timer using … Read more

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The Shipment Is Being Prepared for Air Transport and Loaded into a Shipping Container Meaning [DHL]

Shipment Is Being Prepared for Air Transport and Loaded into a Shipping Container Meaning

Air transport is a fast and efficient mode of shipping goods globally. With millions of metric tons of cargo being shipped annually, ensuring that packages are adequately prepared and loaded into shipping containers is crucial. DHL, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, relies on air transport to deliver countless packages and shipments daily, providing … Read more

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Further Clearance Processing is Required DHL: A Comprehensive Guide

further clearance processing is required

When shipping goods internationally with DHL, there may be instances where further clearance processing is required. This generally occurs when a shipment needs to be reviewed by customs authorities to ensure the contents are in compliance with importing and exporting regulations. When can I receive such a status update? It mostly happens when you receive … Read more

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