Why Is OnTrac So Bad? [Read This FIRST]

Why is OnTrac So Bad

When I was on the lookout for trendy Jewelry, I settled on Temu to make my purchase.  I settled on their Express Shipping option, which meant I was eligible to receive my package anywhere between 4 and 9 days.  For this shipment, Temu used OnTrac to complete my delivery. I waited for the shipment until … Read more

Shipment Ready for UPS: The Ultimate Guide

Shipment Ready for UPS

As a regular UPS user, you might have encountered the “Shipment Ready for UPS” status update on the tracking page, and that’s why you are here.  Don’t worry since you aren’t alone (if that makes you feel better, LOL).  As someone who uses UPS frequently and has encountered this status several times, I decided to … Read more

UPS Estimated Delivery Delay: The Ultimate Guide

UPS Estimated Delivery Delay

One of the most recent updates we see on the UPS tracking page is “Delay,” and then “The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible.” This has happened severally for our packages, where, a parcel is stuck on a UPS facility, the estimated delivery date passes, it gets changed, and then UPS now … Read more

UPS Package On the Way: The Ultimate Guide

UPS On The Way

Our readers have occasionally reached out to us in the quest to know what UPS means when their packages get stuck on “On the Way” tracking status for long.  How many more hours or days will your package get stuck on that update before it starts moving again? For that response and more, we compiled … Read more

Amazon Package Delayed in Transit: The Ultimate Guide

Package Delayed In Transit Amazon

I have had four updates about “package delayed in transit” since I started using Amazon 12 years ago.  In all these situations, Amazon used USPS, a third-party carrier to make the delivery. (If only Amazon would offer the prompt to choose one’s favorite carrier company). If you have had the Amazon package delayed in transit … Read more