Does Canada Post Deliver On Weekends? Read This FIRST!

Does Canada Post Deliver on Weekends

The question of “Does Canada Post deliver on weekends” is one most of our Canadian readers have asked.  Contrary to the many blog posts you see claiming that Canada Post doesn’t deliver on weekends, our research shows otherwise as we will illustrate.  Does Canada Post Deliver Packages On Weekends? Canada Post delivers packages on weekends … Read more

Canada Post Surprisingly Delivers On Sundays

Canada Post Delivers On Weekends

When I ordered some gifts meant for Christmas, analysis paralysis took the better part of me wondering if Canada Post would deliver on time.  A couple of days into checking the tracking page, the status changed to “Delivered” on a Sunday, a week before Christmas.  “Might it be a scanning mistake or a system error?” … Read more

The Delivery Was Refused Or Requested To Be Returned [OnTrac]

Why does Shein use OnTrac?

As you expect your package from OnTrac, it’s possible to see the tracking status showing “The delivery was refused or requested to be returned”.  The problem with this status is that you could have been home the whole day awaiting the package and didn’t refuse the delivery or request it to be returned. Even worse, … Read more

OnTrac Tracking Not Updating [Know This FIRST]

Why does Shein use OnTrac?

As of the time of writing this, OnTrac is rated as one of the worst last-mile delivery companies in the world.  One of the reasons for such 1-star ratings is “OnTrac Tracking Not Updating.” When I bought my items at Best Buy, my shipping details showed that OnTrac was responsible for making the final delivery … Read more

Why is OnTrac Still in Business? [Know This FIRST!]

Why Is OnTrac Still In Business

In a perfect world, you would expect OnTrac to be out of business right now after their slew of service failures. Unfortunately, perfect is a hyperbole.  From the multiple reviews on independent sites and Social, you can easily nod that OnTrac leads in terms of the worst last-mile package delivery companies in the world.  But … Read more

OnTrac Says Delivered But No Package (Read This FIRST)

OnTrac Says Delivered But No Package

Dependable brands such as Walmart, Shein, FragranceNet, and lots more have turned to OnTrac to be their favorite shipping partner.  Sadly, from my experience and based on what others also share on Social, OnTrac is currently one of the worst last-mile shipping companies you can rely on.  See, two months ago, I had a package … Read more

OnTrac Delivery Service Faces Backlash as Recipients Express Frustration Over Service Failures

OnTrac Frustrations To Recipients

Customers Decry Late Deliveries, Mishandled Packages, and Poor Communication, Leading to Growing Outcry Against OnTrac OnTrac, a prominent package delivery service, is under fire as numerous recipients across the western side of the country voice their frustration over a slew of service failures. Customers have taken to social media platforms and online forums to express … Read more

How Late Does OnTrac Deliver? [Detailed Answer]

How Late Does OnTrac Deliver

The question of “How late does OnTrac deliver” is one many recipients have asked us.  When our readers ask me this query, I always tell them that there are two ways to think about it.  When we answer each of these queries independently, it’ll make much more sense so that you can prepare yourself mentally … Read more

Why Does OnTrac Say Pending? [Read This FIRST]

Why Does OnTrac Say Pending

Some huge retailers have made OnTrac their primary shipping partner, against the wishes of most recipients. Despite numerous complaints about OnTrac, it seems that they have stood their ground to keep OnTrac in business, and sadly, as recipients, there is nothing much we can do about it.  When I ordered the only remaining perfume atomizer … Read more