Canada Post Surprisingly Delivers On Sundays

When I ordered some gifts meant for Christmas, analysis paralysis took the better part of me wondering if Canada Post would deliver on time. 

A couple of days into checking the tracking page, the status changed to “Delivered” on a Sunday, a week before Christmas. 

“Might it be a scanning mistake or a system error?” I asked myself. Surprisingly, I discovered that Canada Post had actually delivered my item on the front door, on a beautiful Sunday morning. 

If you were wondering whether Canada Post delivers on Sundays, there you have it. They do this during the holiday season. 

But then upon checking further, I discovered that Canada Post mostly delivers packages on Sundays from the Black Friday season to early January. Those are the days they are mostly overwhelmed with packages and have to work around the clock to reduce any instances of packages sitting in distribution centers for long. 

Letters Are Not Delivered On Sundays

While Canada Post delivers most packages on Sundays during the holiday seasons, it’s also worth it noting that they don’t deliver letters on that day. 

Letters are only delivered on weekdays, and while they don’t tell the reason for this scenario, it would be best for you if you don’t expect an envelope on that day. 

The Tracking System Shows My Package Was Delivered On Sunday But I Can’t Find It: What Do I Do?

If the tracking page shows that your package was delivered on a Sunday but you can’t find it, it might be an issue to do with improper scanning or porch pirating. 

We always recommend that you begin by contacting Canada Post first and make a complaint. If the picture proof shows that it was indeed delivered to your front door, you might sadly have lost your item via theft. 

If where you live is susceptible to porch pirates, we recommend that you opt for the “signature required” option. 

Does Canada Post Deliver On Weekends During Christmas?

Canada Post delivers on weekends during the Christmas season, but they don’t deliver on the exact Christmas day (December 25) or any other statutory holidays over the Christmas season. 

Of course, it’s all dependent on how many packages there are, with some provinces that have more backlogs getting prioritized than those without. 

Does Canada Post Deliver Packages On The Weekend?

Unless it is during the holiday season (from Black Friday to early January), Canada Post doesn’t deliver on weekends. 

These details are important as you ship or plan to receive a time-sensitive package as you will avoid unforeseeable inconveniences. 

Why Doesn’t Canada Post Deliver On All Saturdays?

You might be wondering why Canada Post only focuses on delivering packages on weekends during the holiday season and not on every other Saturday. 

Well, Canada Post mostly gets overwhelmed with backlogs only during the holiday seasons, making it the only ideal time to deliver packages on weekends. 

As a cost-cutting measure, they avoid delivering on the other Saturdays as those are the low seasons of the year. 

Does Canada Post Tracking Update On Weekends?

The Canada Post tracking page updates daily, even on weekends. This is regardless of when it’s during the low season when Canada Post doesn’t deliver packages on weekends or the holiday seasons. 

Always be in the know by checking the tracking page even during the weekends or even on weekends.