International Shipment Release – Import [FedEx]: The Full Guide

International shipment release - import

While expecting a FedEx package from overseas, it’s not uncommon to see the status, “International shipment release – import” on your tracking page.  Sadly, this is a vague update, and unless you know the finer details, it’s daunting to know where your package is stuck.  First things first… What Does International Shipment Release – Import … Read more

Does Canada Post Deliver On Weekends? Read This FIRST!

Does Canada Post Deliver on Weekends

The question of “Does Canada Post deliver on weekends” is one most of our Canadian readers have asked.  Contrary to the many blog posts you see claiming that Canada Post doesn’t deliver on weekends, our research shows otherwise as we will illustrate.  Does Canada Post Deliver Packages On Weekends? Canada Post delivers packages on weekends … Read more

Canada Post Surprisingly Delivers On Sundays

Canada Post Delivers On Weekends

When I ordered some gifts meant for Christmas, analysis paralysis took the better part of me wondering if Canada Post would deliver on time.  A couple of days into checking the tracking page, the status changed to “Delivered” on a Sunday, a week before Christmas.  “Might it be a scanning mistake or a system error?” … Read more

Missing Mail Search Request Initiated [USPS]: The Full Guide

Missing Mail Search Request Initiated

It’s disheartening to wait for a package only for the USPS tracking page to show its status as, “Missing Mail Search Request Initiated.” Let’s look at what this update means and if there is anything you can do from your side to necessitate faster receivership of your item.  What Does the “Missing Mail Search Request … Read more

DHL Is Struggling As Express Workers Go On Strike

DHL Express Workers Strike

It’s that frenzied time of the year when package delivery companies get extremely overwhelmed, and a strike is the worst they can endure.  Sadly for recipients expecting their packages from DHL, everything screams of delayed deliveries spanning two weeks or more owing to the striking 1100 DHL employees operating at CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport).  … Read more

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“Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item” Meaning

Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

If you are expecting a package that is getting shipped via USPS, chances are that you have seen the tracking status show “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item”.  What could this update mean? Is there anything you ought to do to necessitate faster delivery? Read on. What Does It Mean When Tracking Shows, “Shipping Label … Read more

Processed Through USPS Facility: The Ultimate Guide

Processed through USPS Facility

One of the most common tracking statuses I recently frequently saw as I expected my package is “Processed through USPS Facility.” Now that you are here, you could be wondering why your USPS package doesn’t seem to move after it has been accepted at USPS facility.  Worry no more as our today’s guide focuses on … Read more