Package “Arrived at FedEx Location?” The Full Guide

If you regularly use FedEx for your international shipments, chances are that you are familiar with the term, “Arrived at FedEx Location.”

One of the most common problems recipients face when the tracking status says so is that the package might stay stuck there for several days before it starts moving again. 

But first things first…

What does, “Arrived at FedEx Location” Mean?

This status means that a container that has your package has reached one of the primary FedEx hubs for sorting. 

Depending on how many more packages have to be sorted before yours gets worked on, the status can stay stuck on that update for several days. 

The situation even gets worse when it’s on the scheduled delivery date and the package hasn’t moved just yet. 

Arrived at FedEx Location

Why is My Package Stuck at “Arrived at FedEx Location?”

Different reasons as we will see below make packages stay stuck on this update. 

Depending on the reason, the delivery date might change on the delivery day to the next and then so on, but don’t worry too much, it will eventually get to you. 

These are the reasons why your package might be stuck on that “Arrived at Location” update:

Backed Up Sorting Facilities

Depending on the FedEx location where your package has been taken for sorting, there could be voluminous packages. 

The problem is even worse when the container that had yours was the last to arrive at the location. 

Backlogs are a major cause for most of the FedEx operational delays we see daily, and it’s understandable. 

When the sorting stations are suffering from backlogs, the packages sit in the containers until they clear them. The only chance you can see an update when in this situation is when the container gets unloaded and each box gets individually scanned. 

The Package Missed a Departure Scan

It happens a lot to smaller International Priority Express packages, where, after getting scanned as having arrived at FedEx locations, they can miss getting this departure scan, especially when they slip into the FedEx conveyor unit. 

This is to let you know that the package might still reach your delivery address on the scheduled date after proper sorting at the local station has been done. 

Back to the tracking page, it can still stay stuck on that “Arrived” status, and this is all due to skipped scans that happen often, especially when the FedEx staff is super busy. 

In some instances, FedEx sends updates when the package starts traveling to and arrives at the destination facility, and this means that no situation is the same. 

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In moments such as these where there are tons of packages to work on and yet the pay is somewhat low for some vacancies in courier companies, you can expect that companies such as FedEx can’t hold most employees who get better opportunities. 

Now, short-staffing is a problem and for a company that works on more than 6 Million packages daily, you can see how delays can happen further when the packages go over the roof in some days. 

Customs Delays

Sorting and customs clearance happens sometimes in a single FedEx location, and Memphis, TN happens to be one of those. 

When packages pass in such FedEx locations that do more than a single task, there could be a delay, and especially considering that the customs process might be longer than usual. 

The problem is that FedEx rarely updates the tracking page with what exactly is happening, and this is a major problem for the recipient who stays anxious wondering when the status would shift from “Arrived at FedEx location” to a more specific update. 

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What Do I Do When My Package is Stuck at, “Arrived at FedEx Location?”

Call FedEx

Calling FedEx via 1.800.GoFedEx is a sure way to let them know that you are seriously in need to have your package within the scheduled date. 

If you call FedEx and only a robot answers you without giving a prompt to talk to a representative about your package, we recommend keeping on hitting Zero until you get hold of a Human Rep. 

It would be best if you also have the tracking number with you to make communication easier. 

Be More Patient 

If yours isn’t a time-sensitive package, being a little bit patient for a couple of days is a great idea. 

You might even notice that it was stuck on that status due to a missed scan and it will show up on the scheduled date anyway. 

From what we have gathered from our readers who had their package stuck at, “arrived at FedEx location” none of them had their package missing. However, late deliveries have happened to a great extent.