Arrived at DHL Sort Facility: The Full Guide

When I had my first “Arrived at DHL Sort Facility” update on the DHL’s tracking page, it was really disheartening to me as this was a time-sensitive package. 

No one had initially talked about this update and that made it worse as I felt I was all alone. 

While I was not a first-timer using DHL services, I hadn’t encountered such an update, so I had to contact DHL to find out what it meant. 

If you are encountering the update that your package “Arrived at DHL Sort Facility CINCINNATI Hub – USA” or at any other given DHL hubs, don’t worry anymore as we have compiled the only guide you need. 

What Does Arrived at DHL Sort Facility Mean?

This update means that a package is in a DHL warehouse getting sorted for proper customs clearance processing and routing toward the final destination of the recipient. 

Packages that arrive at Sort facilities are mostly international, and customs processing has to happen in such sort facilities. 

Depending on how backed up the sorting facilities are, the package may stay stuck on that update for up to 7 business days before it starts moving again.

Why Does My Package Move From Its Final Destination To A DHL Sorting Facility?

Backed Up Customs Offices

arrived at dhl sort facility

When I ordered an iPad from Apple, it was surprising to see them using DHL instead of UPS, which is what they have used for all my other packages. This is not to say that DHL is pathetic, though. Hey, You!

Now, from my tracking page screenshot, as I have attached above, I noticed that my package had already made it to where I am, New York City. 

In less than 3 hours, the package had gone through different processes and places, and was now in CINCINNATI HUB! 

Upon further research, I noticed that the reason for this was that DHL couldn’t manage to clear the customs process in NYC due to backlogs, and had to take the package to CINCINNATI, where the clearance schedule was loose. 

Upon this customs clearance, the iPad caught a flight back to New York, where I received it the next business day. 

Wrong Tracking

Wrong tracking happens every other day, and as such, it’s possible to see the tracking page showing that your package has gone from its destination to a sorting facility further from where you are. 

Those who have had instances of their packages showing “Arrived at DHL Sort Facility” as a result of incorrect tracking mostly end up receiving their packages the same or the following business day. 

At that point, it’s mostly to do with the scanner failing to show that “shipment is in transit to destination” but instead taking it back to arriving at a sort facility. 

What Do I Do When My Package Is Stuck On “Arrived At Sort Facility DHL?”

Be More Patient 

Now that you know that you aren’t alone in undergoing this status, I recommend that you be more patient as your package will be shortly with you. 

From what I have noted, packages under, “Arrived at sort facility” make it to the recipient at most a day earlier than the stated delivery date. 

Don’t worry that your package might be lost or stolen at that point. It could be an issue to do with incorrect tracking or delayed customs clearance, and as you know, DHL has no control over what happens in the customs offices.

Contact DHL

While contacting DHL is a great idea when you have a package that is stuck on a status that you can’t describe properly, my experience is that it’s hard for you to receive a concrete response on why your package is delayed. 

I, instead, recommend that you be more patient, and your package will surely get delivered to you.