Amazon Package Delayed in Transit: The Ultimate Guide

I have had four updates about “package delayed in transit” since I started using Amazon 12 years ago. 

In all these situations, Amazon used USPS, a third-party carrier to make the delivery. (If only Amazon would offer the prompt to choose one’s favorite carrier company).

If you have had the Amazon package delayed in transit update, don’t worry much about it because, in this ultimate guide, we are going to expound further on the topic. 

What does the Amazon Package Delayed in Transit update mean?

An Amazon package delayed in transit update means that there is a logistical issue making an Amazon delivery held up. The main reasons leading to such an update include severe weather conditions, an occurrence of an accident, or the package getting misplaced while in transit.

6 Reasons why you can get a Package Delayed in Transit Amazon Update

Package Delayed In Transit Amazon

As mentioned a few seconds ago, logistical issues can lead to a delay in an Amazon package delivery. We would now like to expound on some of these reasons leading to late deliveries. 

1. Adverse weather conditions

In the first scenario when my package was delayed in transit, I determined that the carrier passed in Colorado and it was unclear the whole day. This is genuinely understandable as it’s impossible to unload a truck for deliveries when it’s rainy the whole day.

Again, when it’s icy and snowy, packages in transit can certainly delay due to inclement weather. Under normal circumstances, these delays happen for a day or two. You can expect delays when there are storms, too. 

2. There was an accident

Even though carrier vehicle accidents are rare, they sometimes happen. In such cases, it takes time for the trucks to be offloaded and the packages loaded onto another truck for delivery. 

By the time the re-loading happens, the package will for sure be delayed before getting to you.

3. The package got misplaced while in transit 

In shipping, packages may get misplaced, which means the delivery can delay. In case of a misplacement, you absolutely will face the “delayed in transit” update. 

One of the reasons why packages may be misplaced, especially when Amazon uses USPS as the carrier is that they have a flow of packages that have to be followed to the letter. 

See, the package has to be processed at an Amazon facility and then get sent to the local post office for final delivery. In all these instances, you can get the reason why it’s easy to have a package get misplaced. By the time it gets retrieved, there could be a delay of several hours or a couple of days. 

4. Packages sent to the wrong delivery centers

We would like to clarify something at this point…When Amazon uses a carrier such as USPS to make a delivery, the time to receive the package isn’t really dependent on the distance. 

A package can actually be 15 minutes away from where you are and marked as “out for delivery”. However, you may find such a package getting sent away to a distant place from where you are as that is their distribution hub. 

From such distribution hubs, USPS then takes the packages to the local post offices for last-mile deliveries. 

Since there are many packages getting sorted out before they are sent to the local post offices, some packages can actually be put on the wrong pallets, which leads to delivery landing in the wrong centers.

So, Yes. You may get an update that a package is actually “out for delivery” but in the process of getting sent back to a distribution center, you find the very package landing in the wrong pallet. 

When such happens, the update will go from “out for delivery” to “package delayed in transit.”

5. The package got lost

It happens sometimes that packages in transit can get lost. In such scenarios, Amazon is mostly unable to track where the package really is. 

As such, you receive an update letting you know that the package has been delayed in transit. In such moments, they offer you the option to request a refund or reorder another similar product. 

While package theft is a rare occurrence, we can’t deny that it happens sometimes, which is one of the reasons why goods in transit can get lost. 

6. Incorrect Order Number

It happens a lot where some vendors may forget to input the proper right number on the packages.

The problem is that when the order number is wrong, Amazon can’t track it on their system. While the recipient may have the full tracking information, they will still have to contact the vendor, who will in turn provide the right order number to necessitate a seamless last-mile delivery.

What Next After the Package “Delayed in Transit” Amazon Update?

Whenever a package delays in transit after the scheduled delivery date, Amazon messages the buyer with a link to ask for a refund for the full shipping fees. 

An important point to note at this point is that you will have to wait for the guaranteed delivery date to see if you will receive your package, and if not, you can then start the claims process.

If you would like to wait for the package, you can decide to wait for a few days and confirm that indeed, you won’t receive the package. If you decide to request a refund right away, then Amazon mostly processes such refunds 2 days after the request. 

Even after receiving the refund, it happens sometimes that the product ends up getting delivered to you, way after you saw the “package delayed in transit” Amazon update. 

At such a time, you can contact Amazon to have them send you a free shipping return label. Some Amazon shoppers also actually keep the package along with the refunds for themselves, which basically means they get the product for free.

After receiving that update and you were desperately in need of the product, you can as well reorder the product with the hope that the second shipment will be delivered to you without any delays.  

Amazon Package Delayed in Transit No Update

If a package you were expecting to be shipped to you wasn’t delivered and you didn’t receive an update, then you will need to visit the Amazon tracking page

While it’s rare to receive no further update on “Amazon package delayed in transit”, it happens sometimes and as such, always be on the lookout for the tracking page. If you see that notification there, you can then contact Amazon and see whether you will request a refund or reorder your original product. 

If the tracking status is stuck on the Amazon package delayed in transit status due to Amazon’s error, you are entitled to a full refund for any non-third party sellers or non-marketplace orders.

Package Delayed in Transit Amazon Prime

As of the time of writing this update, there are many complaints about Amazon Prime where orders are taking more than 2 days from shipping to be delivered. 

In fact, there is a Mega Thread on Reddit about these delays and it seems many Amazon customers are canceling their Prime. 

FAQs About Package Delayed in Transit Amazon Update

What does it Mean when Package is Delayed in Transit Amazon?

It means that due to an unanticipated occurrence, the recipient will get their package later than Amazon had scheduled.

If the purchase had the delivery guarantee tag and the scheduled delivery date has passed, shoppers can ask for the reimbursement of the full shipping fees.

How can I get the Package Delayed in Transit Amazon Refund?

To qualify for this refund, you will need to first ensure that it’s past the guaranteed delivery date and then the purchase hasn’t been made on the Amazon marketplace or from Third-party sellers on Amazon.

To claim the refund due to “Amazon package delayed in transit”, you can follow the refund link provided on the tracking page and request the reimbursement. Again, you can initiate a Live Chat Session and notify the representative that you would like to get a refund due to a late guaranteed delivery.